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California Central Valley v2.0
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California Central Valley v2.0

Update 01.03.2016
A lot of problems can be solved with the cooperation with Mellie.
In addition, I would like to say thank you to Ghost1968, Bauer beeping Brick, LWS fan for support.
It has new textures were installed. In addition, the Feldauftragsmod of BM-modding was installed.
Many bugs have been fixed. And the crash when exiting was also fixed. It was on a Buyable object.
The new water Texture I unfortunately had to take out again, because this performance had suffered extremely.
PDA was adjusted a little.

On the whole, the Map is now very playable.
update 12.25.2015
First thanks for all the feedback, I'm really glad that you like the map. Wanted so much realism to bring into the map, as it was possible for me. Unfortunately, the map has a lot of mistakes. And unfortunately I am as far as creating mods, still very inexperienced. (I'm a mechanic). As I said I've just been working times it happening (learning by doing) and now I am at a point where a professional is needed. That's why I decided to release the Map, in the hope that someone fix the error and the crash  when you leave the game, or maybe I can give an approach that I can try it myself.

I still have a 2 version uploaded, in which I have adapted the yield and Bga have a little improved. In addition, I also add a modpack.
California Map Beta Test
When I was in California on holiday, me the great agriculture has there so fascinated and inspired in the Central Valley, so I wanted to re-enact the whole prefer the simulator. But unfortunately are correct detailed USA Maps scarce. Although I have no idea of ??Mapbau absolutely, I have decided to it time to try and recreate a fictional California Map anyway. And in addition I wanted to expand the Agricultural Simulator with a little story.
For reasons of time I had to repeatedly interrupt, but before the map still dusty with me on the PC, I give it to play to the further construction and for improving free. The map certainly has its faults but I did my best.

You have chosen the slightly indebted wage companies' Kinz Custom Chopping inc. "In California to buy. You take the small fleet and bring the operation back into shape in which they masse silage, grass, hay, straw and feed crops on the surrounding fattening farms (feed lot) and dairy farms sell. You can constantly expand their farm with new machinery, fields, farms, crops and manure storage, cattle and pig farm, and the other you can enter also into the milk business and buy a dairy farm up to 8,000 dairy cows and they can also be a feedlot with 10,000 cattle buy.

Currently built fruits:
•              Wheat
•              Barley
• Grass
• grain maize
• Beet
• Rape
• potatoes
•              Clover
•              Alfalfa
• Weed Weed
• Green swath
• Sunflowers
•              Rye
•              Oats
•              Cotton
• Silage maize (maize01) spezial cutter


  • John_deere
    2016-01-03 19:34
    there are some errors..Error: Running LUA method 'update'.C:/Users/admin/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//California_Central_Valley/MIG_Map_MadeInGermany_Celle.lua:95: attempt to index field 'drygrass' (a nil value)rror: 7th priceMultiplier is invalid in TipTrigger grainStationTriggerError: 8th priceMultiplier is invalid in TipTrigger grainStationTrigger
  • Tristan
    2016-01-04 00:29
    the map wont load up for me
  • Donnie
    2016-01-04 00:38
    needs mixfeeder traffic beef fatting chicken fix it like the other maps
  • Tristan
    2016-01-04 01:24
    idk if its my mods
  • Jesse
    2016-01-04 01:30
    Hired workers wont stay on path
  • Steve
    2016-01-04 02:47
    where can i get those trailers hooked to the peterbilt in the one picture
  • Bob *wires)
    2016-01-04 09:03
    we could use a wider road into the farm for getting to Silos. Would help for Course Play Bob
  • Robert
    2016-01-04 10:53
    seed will not come up tractor when planting puls to the right take all those stand still cows out and will the silage pit work the watering system dos work in v2 some parts there is no change well I will be looking up for a up date and test your map before your reless it thanks I will go back to my old game
  • Zaur555
    2016-01-04 10:59
    Author whether map update soon?
  • Gator
    2016-01-04 17:24
    This by far is still a great map . Keep up the great work ! As far as playability, I can play this map , But it does still have a few bugs . For some reason I can not off load chaff at the main feedlot . Also is there 2 kinds of corn planted ? Mu combine wont harvest the planted corn . Here are a few tip I can share that might help others . I had the same issue where the map would not load . It was due to a mod conflict . In my case it was the ROPA euro tiger .
  • Gator
    2016-01-04 17:26
    Also some are saying that the AI tractors/combine don't drive strait . This is due to the map having multi-angle direction . It allows the tractors/combine to drive in multi-angles . You have to line up perfectly strait to go strait . Not one of my favorite features . I think many of these question could be answered if someone made 1 or 2 tutorial videos showing what is what and how its done . Thanks to all who have work on this
  • Adam
    2016-01-04 18:38
    can not plant, is there any fix for this
  • Danjelmc
    2016-01-04 18:41
    there are two sorte of mize grainmaize and silagemaize. You need spezial cutter with maize1
  • Jackson
    2016-01-04 23:49
    doesn't load
  • Rejeant
    2016-01-05 01:37
  • Disapointed
    2016-01-06 05:40
    map dose not load please fix the problem we need american maps badly for the game
  • Matrix50
    2016-01-06 18:18
    is a good map :: but there are many errors in. But I can help because I have built some maps, it's a shame it does not work 100% but I want to help show the er..hvis to use the help I can be contacted on skype on kokken225 I speak English and German
  • Danjelmc
    2016-01-06 18:44
    @Matrix50 : Do you have a Account on Modhoster?
  • Gord
    2016-01-06 22:53
    I have 12 gigs of ram 2gigs video and i7 chip and map won't load.
  • Farmer
    2016-01-07 02:01
    Still by far a great map and work in progress. One error I came upon was the hired jobs. Once you take a job from ctrl+m, none of the vehicles will start. Keep up the great work.
  • Farmer
    2016-01-07 06:33
    Also the crops Sunflower, Rye, and Klee do not grow. Field 22 purchase problems, you only own about half the field.
  • Robert
    2016-01-07 13:21
    Yes it will not come up I was on four and it would not come if when you are plant something and you set it on fast it should be and no mare then to days you can put the tractor right on the starting point of the land and it will pull to the right or left people that knows how to fnish the map and then we would have a grat map and take out all of those stand still cows and we should have a bul and have baby calf
  • Dprince
    2016-01-08 16:53
    when making a grass field coarseplay wont see it as a field anymore. disappears from the list. i love the map its big and open but till bugs are fixed i am not using it. Keep up the work though
  • Mark
    2016-01-08 20:14
    How do you get the pivot irrigators to work?
  • Peter
    2016-01-09 22:00
    fields wont grow. I planted one and it hasn't done anything and the cotton and corn wont mature
  • Neal
    2016-01-09 23:37
    for the load section my line is blank where it is supposed to say start please fix that
  • Robert
    2016-01-10 09:16
    NorthernWiv2 LS15Mods.com – BIGGEST Portal maybe you could get him to fnish your ca map this map works you car run water have cows you can do a reply to him I thot I would try and get you some help as it is in you map it a nise map but can not farm it
  • Suechtig
    2016-01-12 18:57
    Scheiss mäp
  • Rd farming
    2016-01-13 00:24
    DPrince, all maps are the same when making a grass field. Before I plant grass I setup courseplay routs, then plant grass.
  • Rd farming
    2016-01-13 00:27
    I planted three fields, fast forwarded 12 hours and nothing grows.
  • Marc
    2016-01-17 21:52
    please respond.. But GREAT map... but cannot get anything to grow. What is planted will not mature so it can be harvested. Great Map.. would love to have it to play.. Please respond if you would.
  • Xanders
    2016-01-18 00:59
    it says data eaor
  • Rd farming
    2016-01-18 08:45
    WOW, not only is there a lot of question, no body is giving any answers. Map is unplayable. Is there any versions that do work?
  • Punisher
    2016-01-18 19:16
    Yea, this map has tons of issues, feels like a Beta map, not a V2 LOL. I'll second the unplayable comment.
  • Docberry
    2016-01-23 03:36
    V2 - Missing mods for all versions AnimatedMapTrigger.zip , some irrigation mod I can't find Contractor mod is very broken, and will cause the map not to load at all.. if your profession is being a mechanic, I just recommend asking someone for more profession help and tips. ( Sorry )
  • Jusitn
    2016-01-25 01:56
    The map wont load up for me
  • Peterpiper
    2016-02-13 01:37
    Great large map. After a few days of play noticed while transporting equipment some bumps in the roads will literally launch equipment into orbit. Could not harvest corn fields 7,8,9. Used cultivator to plow. Planted some crops, waiting to see if they mature. When pressing "I" for map, info, the main map is not labeled. Great map though, really want to play this one, needs work, wish I was better at working on these mods/maps as I would definitely try to help.
  • Peterpiper
    2016-02-13 03:57
    For Fields 7,8,9 with corn that cannot be harvested, plow it under. Somebody said they planted crops and fast forward 12 hours and did not see the crops growing. You will have to go forward more than 12 hours. I fast forwarded 3 full days before I saw the growth. I am into day 8 or 9 and still not ready for harvest. Growth rate must be set slow.
  • Tom stauffer
    2016-02-16 04:10
  • Sonny
    2016-02-29 15:30
    where you can store the sunflower, cotton, and wood chips thank you very much in advance
  • Chris
    2016-03-09 08:38
    I want to know where is the sunflower solo because I can't find it in the mapi i want to know where is
  • Terry
    2016-03-10 20:28
    the maps has to much lag in it and the map is way slow loading up
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