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California Central Valley v3.0
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California Central Valley v3.0


Version 3.0
total revision

I have the map revised agin. But this is at the moment my last update, because I want to devote myself to other projects. It has still  errors t of the early days  and it is too much work to fix them. The map as a learning project myself . I thank those who play my map and wish you much fun.
I also still give you permission to do anything with the map what you want (edit, export objects, delete, and so on ..) ... ;-)
In addition, we still needed

Animation Map Trigger V 1.0.2

UniversalProcessKit V 0.9.8

Feldauftragsmod / fieldwork assignments

Map Buyable Object.

Kotte Universal Pack V2.51

Currently built fruits:
• wheat
• barley
• Grass
• grain maize
• beet
• rape
• potatoes
• clover
• alfalfa
• Weed Weed
• Sunflower
• rye
• oats
• cotton
• Silage maize (maize01) cutting is
• Spelt
• sorghum
• Tridicale
• Sand
• peat
• pig feed


  • Sloeber
    2016-03-10 14:34
    it is not loading at all as i select the map to play
  • Blacky
    2016-03-10 14:57
    don't waste time downloading it it junk mod
  • Donnie
    2016-03-10 15:30
    needs mixfeeder stores lumber mills pig fatting and other stuff
  • Matt
    2016-03-10 16:01
    Do i need to place those other mods in with the files after unpacking, or just put them in mods folder?
  • Happygio
    2016-03-10 16:07
    whitout assignment mod all works fine and is a beautiful map.it's a sahme that assignments don't work
  • Matt
    2016-03-10 21:14
    So is it actually playable this time around? Meaning it loads, all triggers work, all crops grow correctly etc?
  • Tom stauffer
    2016-03-10 23:20
    how do u get grain out of bins
  • Robert
    2016-03-10 23:25
    Another pice of bad file the rar fill will not open mor junk
  • Donnie
    2016-03-10 23:43
  • Herbie husker
    2016-03-10 23:58
    I downloaded this morning with no problem at all. I did not have a problem installing it. Everything so far works good for me. There have been some changes to the map which makes it a better map so far. So far so good.
  • Name
    2016-03-11 00:21
    i think some of you need to get a different computer or start doing your own map mod, its all ways the same ones saying it junk or crap or something dont work right . my god a bunch of freaking babies . it just a game . how about yall say what a good job the did on how close to looking real , instead of being thrown together in an hour and released .
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-03-11 01:00
    "name"you do realize your preaching to a bunch of teenagers who have yet to learn the meaning of "respect" in miss putts English classdon't preach to deaf ears!
  • Peterpiper
    2016-03-11 01:05
    I have an earlier version of this map and this thing is HUGE! I've noticed a few issues but planting fields and harvesting by yourself you barely have enough time to be concerned about anything else. Still fun to play this map. Those that don't like it here's an idea, don't download it and shut your pie hole.
  • Herbie husker
    2016-03-11 01:23
    I played the previous 2 versions and so far this is a very good map. The haters will keep on hating.
  • Guest
    2016-03-11 03:48
    would love to check out this version as i love 2.1 but it's an rar file that is so large the free converter i use will not convert it into zip. i don't understand why people use rar files in the first place.
  • Tayler
    2016-03-11 06:48
    where do you find the peterbilt truck in the photo
  • Janvier
    2016-03-11 07:36
    je ne comprends pas pourquoi le telechargement demarre mais le compteur ne monte pas .j"ai essayè de charger une autre carte au hazard elle se charge normalement est que quelqu'un peut m'aider
  • Krdtgyb
    2016-03-11 19:18
  • Krdtgyb
    2016-03-11 19:18
  • Beat
    2016-03-11 23:22
    Where or how can I buy the fields?
  • Ben


    2016-03-12 04:30
    Nice to have a down scale for shit computers like me
  • Alina
    2016-03-12 15:32
    Куча глюков.ворота на фермы не открываются,на поле номер 6 по средине стоит комбисмишалка для скота.Карта с багами и глюками,автор доделай нормально,а потом выкладывай!Pile glyukov.vorota on the farm is not open, on the number 6 in the middle stands for kombismishalka skota.Karta with bugs and glitches, the author finish normally, and then out with it!
  • Lag city
    2016-03-13 02:09
    It's LAG CITY because the miscreants used Lindbergs unfinished POS windchaser map. Some sections your can tell in the picture this is Linbergs map redone, still has all of his ground textures too. And before all you SFB's start responding to that, his 'beta' map was unfinished and full of errors, which makes this one that much better. Don't download.
  • Herbie husker
    2016-03-13 07:32
    What lag. I have yet to see any lag in this game, I have been playing for 2 days now and countless of hours. I repeat from my previous posts that this is a decent if not a good map so all of you haters, keep on hating and I will keep on playing this nice map.
  • 379


    2016-03-14 04:28
    gates dont open therefore cant play map to full potential
  • Lafaire
    2016-03-14 13:57
    Thxs great mod wirks fine with me
  • Jack
    2016-08-21 00:13
    Hey guys i played the game for a couple of hours and than the next day i played it and it would not start when loading. Its such a great map that i still want to play it and the map it self should be a 5 star rating but can u help get this map going again for me please.
  • Jack
    2016-08-21 08:35
    hey guys i just found out that 3.1 version fixes the start game
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