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Californie Multifruits  V1
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Californie Multifruits V1

Agriculture is a key sector of the US economy, the country being the first exporter and second largest importer.

Map: Multifruits


Arsenic Modding

  • Jacques
    2015-07-29 23:55
    franchement elle est super manque un peut de verdures sinon c un 20pointé ++
  • Kylefsmods78
    2015-07-30 02:24
    This is best map of FS 15! GG Arsenic Modding !!! i love your map !!
  • Name
    2015-07-30 03:17
    Where can I buy the fields at? There are no buy bubbles or signs by the field? The map looks great.
  • Luke
    2015-07-30 04:00
    You can buy fields in shop !!
  • Name
    2015-07-30 04:06
    Thank you Luke.
  • Name
    2015-07-30 04:22
    How are you supposed to enter the Shop. I have tried and no luck. I see where you can buy the fields.
  • Gator
    2015-07-30 05:36
    Please use another download link !
  • Itsme
    2015-07-30 06:07
    thank god my anti-virus caught it. i'm with Gator, use another download link!!!
  • Warondra
    2015-07-30 08:38
    You can still block the "crap" from the download site and still get your map downloaded without any risk to your pc.
  • Warondar
    2015-07-30 09:09
    Forgot...Thanks Arsenic, for another great mod. Keep them coming. :o)
  • Shomy
    2015-07-30 12:21
    when loading hourglass is spinning , but there is no text" map is being loaded"does enybody knows where is problem?
  • Arsenic
    2015-07-30 13:32
    hello your problem just because you have exceeded the number of allowed to cereal farming
  • Arsenic
    2015-07-30 13:33
    otherwise takes its http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=2666
  • Ich


    2015-07-30 14:54
    the great map, no good is a wooden fence. please delete. thank you
  • Thierry
    2015-07-30 15:40
    bonjour i am french je n'arrive pas ouvrir ta map mon ami je lance la map est ca tourne tout le temps et rien peux tu m'aider cordialement thierry
  • Warondar
    2015-07-30 15:58
    I remember now where I've seen this map, it's the OGF USA map (well big portions of it anyways) from FS2013 isn't Arsenic?
  • Warondar
    2015-07-30 16:00
    I remember now where I've seen this map, it's the OGF USA map (well big portions of it anyways) from FS2013 isn't Arsenic?http://www.modhoster.com/mods/ogf-usa-map-v1
  • Thierry
    2015-07-30 18:50
    remerci pour le renseignement arsenic pourrez tu m'envoyer un nouveau lien de telechargementcordialement thierry
  • Arsenic
    2015-07-30 19:47
    Salut Thierry j'ai aucun autres liens pour ton problème de lancement de carte prend sa http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=2666
  • Thierry
    2015-07-30 20:39
    reje vous remerci tous chers ami mais cela ne me donne rien tampis j'aurai bien aimer m'eclater sur cette map encore une fois merci a tous de vos effortscordialementthierry
  • Arsenic
    2015-07-30 21:40
    mp moi sur facebook pour essayer de trouver ton problème cordialement
  • Mrtiguy
    2015-07-31 01:29
    Elle ne demarre pas ici .??? le sablier tourne et tourne....
  • Arsenic
    2015-07-31 02:11
    voici pour la lance si tu a un problème http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=2666
  • Xlr8
    2015-07-31 04:17
    Can't get this to download ! To many spyware on that site . Maybe you could host it on ls2015.com .
  • Bumpmystump
    2015-07-31 06:20
    For anyone who has issues dling from that site.. try Maxthon browser.. I have yet to get anything from that site using Maxthon.
  • Mrtiguy
    2015-07-31 07:26
    Ont fait comment pour acheter les Terrains.??
  • Chefcook
    2015-07-31 10:06
    tres belle map, belle video mais comment fait on pour le ciment merci.Chefcook
  • Luke
    2015-07-31 14:43
    Pour acheter les terrains tu vas au shop , tu as les terrains dedans , regarde la vidéo tu verra
  • Fiz


    2015-07-31 20:27
    Did the poster change the DL link? I've used uploadfiles.eu for many downloads and never had a problem BUT, if you do get some nasty malware from anywhere, check out adwCleaner. It's a free program and it works great.
  • Okfrance
    2015-07-31 23:31
    this is the best américan map of Farming SImulator ! I love your mods and maps! Good Job !
  • Bump
    2015-08-01 04:13
    Im not so on board with this being a great map.. 1/2 the trees have collision.. 1/2 dont.. no grass anywhere.. everything is flat.. no hills.. all fields are perfectly square.. some cactus's have collision some dont.. many many better maps out there.
  • Gamer
    2015-08-01 04:31
    Someone needs to build that old truck for fs13 and fs15
  • Dj6310
    2015-08-03 13:24
    salut a tous le monde si vous rencontrez des soucis de lancement de la carte cela viens de giant qui additionne les culture de toutes les cartes qui se trouve dans votre dossier mods au delà de 64 type de culture le lancement ce bloque pour palier au problème il suffi de ne garder dans votre dossier mods que une seul carte a la fois ou de telecharger le zzz64type de marus que vous trouverez sur les liens publier plus haut pas arsenic merci et bon jeux a tous et toutes
  • Dj6310
    2015-08-03 13:25
    hi to all the world if you are having trouble launching this map just giant that sums the culture of all the cards that are in your mods folder beyond 64 type of culture that the launch locks to overcome the problem there not enough to keep in your mods folder as a single card at a time or download the zzz64type of marus you find on the links above not publish arsenic thank you and good games has everyone
  • Blacky
    2016-03-12 07:32
    probably doesn't work if half the map is OGF map garbage
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