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Camera Zoom Extension v1.0
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Camera Zoom Extension v1.0

Huhu @ all,
I once wrote a small script that extends the zoom camera of all vehicles, if it is greater than 0 and less than the new value of the script. Is in the modDesc the 'zzz_CameraZoomExtension.zip' configurable.
<VehicleCam Transmax = "NEUER_WERT_DEN_DU_WILLST" />
Should you a number with '.' reinschreiben, eg '23 .5 'it is completed. So does not bring anything. I now have '50' is set and find the sufficient .. If you want more, simply increase the number in the modDesc.
I had until now already some vehicles where the maximum my camera zoom was too low. The NH chopper from the NH-DLC has now brought the barrel to overflowing. There is already almost laughable how small the maximum camera zoom is set there. Therefore now this mod. The mod or original equipment one could adjust the while manually, but it is an unnecessary amount of work and if you want to use the vehicles in MP, you have to you newly uppen .. Moreover one does not come to the DLC's Ran , Exception: With an LUA .. : D
Simply pack downloaded ZIP into the modfolder and have fun. :)


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