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Canadian Prairie Map v1.0
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Canadian Prairie Map v1.0

- Fruits
- Fields
- Animals
- Greenhouses
- Sawmills merged into one building
and many more.

GIANTS Software

  • Sweet250
    2016-01-18 13:57
    I looked at your map, and it's the worst conceived map that I have seen in a long time.
  • Ich


    2016-01-18 16:03
    auweija die map ist unspielbar, also schrott. bitte bearbeiten. aber zack zack
  • Dominic
    2016-01-18 18:02
    add a freeway
  • Punisher
    2016-01-18 19:28
    @SWEET250 why do you shut up and make a better one then maggot.
  • Noris1225
    2016-01-18 20:41
    zle zrobione tekstury są biale jak sklep drogi drzewa silosy itd
  • Simon
    2016-01-18 23:30
    this map and horrible and map not make sense not worth anything but not worth making the map says it has much the same as others and that changes so plants who made the map should play
  • Gord
    2016-01-19 07:26
    So are these comments truthful or is this just more petty, small, bickering between childish kiddies?
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-01-19 13:10
    Simon say what the hell did you just say Talk about not making sense. Add a freeway get a clue and add it your self. Same for you sweet250. Map does have issue's and mine wasn't layout or anything else it was a massive lag issue at start point even with settings turned to absolute low it still had lag. But keep it up map has a lot of promise.
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-01-19 14:32
    na da schauen wir mal ob die V2 was wird
  • Xanders
    2016-01-19 15:00
    I love plesnt valey map fs2015 it has a race way nd home doport and a mine
  • Xanders
    2016-01-19 15:02
    hey gord why don't you eat shit and piss on your self
  • Wolffy
    2016-01-19 18:07
    Being from the Canadian prairies myself, I'm gonna check it out.BTW I've seen highways but never freeways which are usually multi lane highways. I guess some people don't know what the prairies are like and that being the case should not knock it. At least this modder made an effort to make a map, wether it be good or bad, kudos to him for at least trying,it is a learning experience as you go.
  • Wolffy
    2016-01-19 22:46
    Well after downloading and checking it all out, I think it's a great looking map, I never had any lag issues and think it would make a perfect single player game. He has lots going on in the map, lots to do and alot of newer interesting things, like the newer sawmills and animals, just to name a few. Great job.
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