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Canadian Prairies Beta v4.0
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Canadian Prairies Beta v4.0

Canadian Prairies V4 beta.

Version 4 is a combination of all previous version build to 1 map with few thing added. It has 30 fields, 12 fruits also  4 secondary unload pits were built around the map so you dont have to drive to the main farm silo pit for far fields (marked red on pda map) and much more. This map covers alot of ground and very hard to correct all at once, So this is a beta version until all issues are corrected. Thamks for downloading.

This map has an issue with one  layer (plowing layer) which I cannot resolve. It does not affet the entire map but only some areas at different angles and harder to notice once harvested. So I decided to advised you before downloading. The map is fully fonctionnal beside that and that all growth stages and foliages are not affected, only the plowing layer is acting strangly sometimes. I did not notice until the end of the build and have no other map of that size with no issues to rebuild.


  • Tallguy
    2016-02-28 22:00
    needs the wool pallet collector in next version. I dont see where the wool spot is anywhere around the sheep.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-02-29 07:07
    Question....Where is the "seedmaster" on this farm? Bob..
  • Nito
    2016-02-29 10:20
    hello great map but the problem fields 14 car rolls in the field and does not touch the ground when I Download E Defos will coriger because its a map as its I thank you dear
  • Daniel
    2016-02-29 15:01
    when trying to buy field 1 the game freezes
  • Snuitje
    2016-02-29 18:56
    where can i find water
  • Herbie husker
    2016-02-29 19:30
    Snuitje, the water can be found on the farm in the blue silo,
  • Nick
    2016-03-01 03:23
    Honestly can't play it........ 5 frames per min. something isn't right because my system isn't that bad.
  • Ol' macdonald
    2016-03-01 15:01
    Love the map :) But by the forest/pallet yard there's cars & trucks off the ground & in the trees, 1 car on the grass nearby above. Also same as Nitro i got AI vehicles in my fields too. hopefully this get sorted.....
  • Gsb


    2016-03-02 01:10
    Just for your information I noticed the texture issue the worst on field 14 really bad at certain angles thought this might help. Also could not get trailer to unload with course play at the empty point at fields 3+4 . Have not tried others. Great map otherwise.
  • Soggytoast897
    2016-03-03 13:51
    Hey just started on the map and The bga silos are too tall you need to lower them in the map editor
  • Sebastien
    2016-03-05 21:15
    une v4 en beta c'est pour se foutre de la guele du monde srx ...........?????
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