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Canadian Prairies Map with SoilMod v1.0
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Canadian Prairies Map with SoilMod v1.0

Welcome to Canadian Prairies SM. Where space is plenny. It has 12 fruits, 12 fields and 5 animals, with many
destinations to sale your products. Also 3 greenhouses with sale trigger and 2 sawmills built into one building
with new board pallet I created to allow loading with autoloading trailer...

This version is not compatible with canadian prairiesV1, since soilmod was installed. Both version can be installed
in the mod dir at the same time. Multifruit module CP included may not be nessary, if the same fruit are registered
by another module already. Soilmod mod file is nessary only if you wish to use soilmod, if not do not copy the file soilmod to your mod dir.
Correction from the last version: leveled ground at grain elevator. Addes missing main house fence. Added
drygrass_windrow to cow trough left side. Renamed shipping office 2 to Bay Shipping. Fixed fruit color in map view
fruit type window. Added soilmod tanks and soilmod version 1.0.1(latest). Thank you.

P.S Please keep in mind that I am a rookie builder.

renebqc, thanks to all who created objects, scripts and mod used in this map.

  • John
    2016-01-20 10:28
    can u tell me u going to add chickens rabbits and horse and markets to buy them at also compost plant can u add to the farm I love the farm with all in one spot I hate maps when you happen to drive to each side off map to feed cows chickens so well done you made best map on here thanks john
  • Cjn


    2016-01-20 16:29
    Um bom maps,mas não esta funcionando o ZZZ_ChoppedStraw.
  • Bob


    2016-01-21 01:48
    Would it be possible to improve the lighting from our vehicles during the night time hours, as it is now, there is very little or none. Bob.
  • Phil
    2016-01-21 05:53
    For a rookie modder you've lots of talents, congrats.
  • Robert
    2016-01-21 07:15
    I have a ploblem the truck will not run strate maybe it is the water tanker but there is a proublem
  • Redneck farmer
    2016-01-21 18:14
    You have done some excellent work so far on this map, BUT there is a lot of problems. Can not read digits on the straw-grass silos, Farm in the middle of the town with no machinery storage, except for the big spot by the loading dock, street lights look like fans hanging on them at night, to much white especially (roads, silos, street lamps), helicopter crashes in field 2 and flies out of on field 4, planted sunflower crop does not ripen. If you fix these problems you will have a great map.
  • Phil
    2016-01-22 02:50
    No problems here with digits & sunflower.I put 2 placeable halls for machinery. {lots of room anyway}For the night I can't tell you because I'm sleeping lol
  • Jdyck652
    2016-01-23 01:58
    there is nothing in the file when i want to open it it says invalid and when i click extract all it says fill the compressed folder with content
  • Sdear85
    2016-01-24 23:56
    what combine do we need to use to harvest the sunflowers
  • Sdear85
    2016-01-24 23:56
    what combine do we need to use to harvest the sunflowers
  • Name
    2016-01-25 13:41
    jak se poustí štěpkovač a pila
  • Quadrans
    2016-01-28 21:51
    Hi, Nice map, I have a problem with the pallet maker, I have filled it up with logs and nothing happens? is there a keypress or something else that I need to do?Thanks and keep up the good work.
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