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Canadian Prairies Ult v3
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Canadian Prairies Ult v3

This is version 3 of the ultimate series of canadian prairies map.
Build on standard 4096×4096 map.
Log has no errors or warnings.
you need the – Kotte_Universal_Pack – mod to fill all tanks on the map.
Have fun farming!
Any problems, leave a comment.


  • Noris1225
    2016-06-15 17:06
    gdy uruchomie kombajn nie kosi scina gre
  • Name
    2016-06-16 13:11
    I can not hire a worker with the combine .it remains blocked.
  • Error
    2016-06-16 19:29
    I cant open it, says there is an error with some item thats on the map
  • Canada is weird
    2016-06-17 04:53
    So, do they not have equipment sheds in Canada? None of the Canada Plains maps have had them. And this map, like the other Canada Plains ones, suffers from severe frame rate issues whenever you get on the main farm. Its like you try so hard to put so many gadgets in, that it just kind of bogs everything down.
  • Bigboss
    2016-06-22 20:53
    So far no continuous lagging after the start of the game. I was wondering, do I need any other required mods for this map besides the Kotte_Universal_Pack?
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