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Canadian Prairies Ultimate V4 Preview The map is not completed but this is the release at the 600mb size I said I would issue. The map is functionnal and tested but there are probably small problems remaining. Please leave comments if you have problems, I need a few more days to complete. Fruits: wheat barley corn canola sunflower soybean oat rye cotton grape mohn. Animals: cow sheep chicken lamb pig beef pullet Fields: 40 fields total, from 1.27ha to 25.73ha All fields are free and many ready to harvest. Map used this time: EmptyMapMultiFruitsV2 from Joa.

Thanks to all modders for anything use on this map.

  • Kuhzucht
    2016-08-28 20:13
    map is on Demage, no funktion to sawmill, and and and
  • Primo
    2016-08-29 20:02
    the grass sees it as straw sawmill does not work the next aspect correct map
  • Waldi
    2016-08-29 20:22
    hallodas ist bis jetzt die beste map die ich gspielt hab.super super aufgebautwas mach ich mit Baumwolle Trauben mohn Rindfleisch pullet, und beim S├Ągewerk da hats was!
  • Warondar
    2016-08-30 00:41
    Looking forward to the release version purely because it's another Canadian map. I've downloaded this test version to see what you've done so far and it's looking great. Not going to point out any problems since you most likely already know about them.Huge thanks and awaiting the completed version.
  • Chefcook
    2016-09-28 20:05
    je n arrive pas a faire de l herbe sa me donne de la paille
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