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Carrsville v2.0
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Carrsville v2.0

As always, welcome to Carrsville.  There are plenty of fields to keep you busy along with cows, sheep and chickens.  There are plenty of forests to log as well.   Note:  The tractor store, egg sell point, atm and phone are at the store past the overpass.  If you would like to help test this map out you can post any bugs or requests by visiting the Carrsville Map forum.

Fixed southern sell  point.
Cleaned up some log errors.
Adjusted the store spawn.
Adjusted a few trees.
Fixed but with field behind main farm.
Fixed vehicle sell point.
Added water to ponds.
Fixed cow pen and cow bug.
Added wood grass texture.
Reworked ground terrain.
Fixed chicken bug.
Fixed sheep pen and sheep bug.
Added grass.
Added ball field behind school.
Re-worked main farm driveway.
Re-worked log mesh for log pond.
Fixed log sell point.

Initial beta launch.


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    2015-12-09 19:19
    you cant buy any fields you forgot to put the buy marks in there
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