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CASE 9230 Crawler
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CASE 9230 Crawler

This is my edited version of the ingame Case 9230 Crawler Combine. This pack has two 9230 Crawler Combines only, no headers.

Each 9230 is equipped with an extended grain tank and of course a larger capacity. A larger grain tank makes it much easier to harvest those larger fields.
In addition, one of the 9230s is also equipped with dual tracks.

The RPMs have been changed to each as well.

Combine RPMs
Single - 3000
Dual - 3500

Also the 9230 with the dual tracks uses more fuel and unloads faster than the other 9230.
Do NOT reupload to any site. I can do that myself.


  • Mod poice
    2015-05-30 10:13
    "Do NOT reupload to any site. I can do that myself.need a translation there "Thomas" you fucking troll
  • Tothemodpolice
    2015-05-31 00:55
    you mod police can fuck off as far as i'm concerned once it's on the internet its fair came for anyone, anywhere in my opinion.
  • Wayne
    2015-06-01 17:14
    I like it good mod
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