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Case CVX 175 with IC v1.0
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Case CVX 175 with IC v1.0

I present to you today my Case CVX 175 with IC, before I've Converts and Edited and made ready for the Ls 15.
This mod has a Case engine with 200 HP and runs 50 KM / H
He is the original detail and with air suspended seat and Interactive Control (IC) and much more

Check it here once in our virtual contractors by: w ww.mcklappstuhl4ever.de

This mod is my property, I have it painstakingly put together for the Ls 15
Respect work of a modder. !!!!!
Take the original link !!!!!!!!
Copy the Moddes is prohibited and uploaded again is forbidden!

Konvertiert und Edditiert by John Deere 8370 R / Tim

  • Austin
    2014-12-06 02:34
    i want to play the game and i want to be able to start it and be able to turn the blinkers on and open the door
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