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Case IH 4440 Patriot Sprayer v1.0
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Case IH 4440 Patriot Sprayer v1.0

Rotatation: 180
Price: 325900
Brand: Case IH
Category: Sprayers
FillTypes: Fertilizer
Power: 335

Model: lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)
Texture: lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)
Script: lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)
Idea / Concept: lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)
Testing: lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)

  • Lmao
    2016-10-01 17:08
    Oh great most likely more of Lindbejb Moddings unfinished mods or something he uploaded then later on will cry and bitch that it was stolen or leaked.
  • ^ dumbass
    2016-10-01 18:34
    Nice way to say thanks dumbass.
  • Gerrrr
    2016-10-01 19:54
    If you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all... didn't your mom teach you nothing. some people are never happy. Nice mod, thanks.
  • Brandan
    2016-10-02 05:12
    The game gets extremely laggy when I activate the sprayer. Any help?
  • Anonymous
    2016-10-02 15:03
    Brandan, it is your computer, try turning down the graphics. Mine had the same issue.
  • Me


    2016-10-03 04:02
    cuz Joe makes good mods but releases junk to everyone that doesn't jerk him off. AKA Erik
  • Ha ha ha ha
    2016-10-03 12:08
    Like I'm really gonna say thanks to a stuck up asshole that thinks he is better then everyone else and bashes everyone else's work even when trying to learn to mod fuck Lindberg and fuck all the elite dirt bags in fs I don't need Joe's shit to enjoy the game or much less want it. If joe is so good and such a good guy for releasing his shit then why is it always screwed up. Mod lags in game sounds like another piece of shit to me.
  • Ha ha ha ha
    2016-10-03 12:09
    Far as saying something nice do yall even read his Facebook page and the bullshit he says about the community in fs then you might understand why I say Fuck Him.
  • Dumb fucks
    2016-10-04 23:13
    the mod will lag you game not because it has errors but because its so highly detailed you're piece of shit computers can't handle it. work fine on mine on high settings
  • Ash1223
    2016-12-27 17:26
    LMFAOOO y'all are stupid. Joe Linberg is a complete but hurt bitch who is one of the main reasons why the community came to such fucking shit. Y'all need to go back to preschool
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