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Case IH 90ft cutter
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Case IH 90ft cutter

cutter has been altered in the aspect of being able to cut more grains and made price more realistic.


  • Realistic
    2015-06-20 22:56
    made price realistic? why bother when this isn't a realistic mod in the first place, 90 foot cutter, please........
  • Wegerenz
    2015-06-20 23:36
    Hi, unloading no more realistic, pipe had to be much longer ??? No download !!!
  • Wayne
    2015-06-21 01:46
    thanks man I been needing this mod bad
  • Lesklatt
    2015-06-24 03:50
    I was wondering if someone could make this cutter & combine accept grass, I think this would be a cool mod..Thanks.
  • Chuck
    2015-06-29 00:18
    I like the size and speed, but you lose product with it. I compared it to a regular 10.5 header. I gained 1% ( 4,000 l.) more on a single run with the 10.5 header. I know that doesn't sound like much but when you have to make 20+ runs it does add up.
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