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Case IH Combines Pack Wolf Edition
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Case IH Combines Pack Wolf Edition

Case IH Combines Pack Customized. These Were Created For More Power & Speed. Want To Get The Job Done Faster Check These Out!

- Increased HP From 3000 To 9900
- Set Price 0 (Cause It's A Game)
– x48 Rotors
– Max Harvesting Speed Increase At 80KM/H
– Fuel Tank Holds 2000 Liters (Cover 50,000 Acres On 1 Liter)
- Harvest Tank Holds 480,000 Liters
- Turbo Mode Is Set To 9900HP
- Drive Control. For Better Handling
- Brake System Changed From Default 15 To AirBrake System 100

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Because Of The Turbo Power. When You Go To Drive This Vehical Please Give it A Few Seconds To Start Up. Don't Panic If It Dont Start Moving Right Away. The RPM'S Need To Load Completely. So Just Give It a Moment. Also When Tank Is Full It Takes About 5 Minutes To Empty Into A Trailer. How Ever This Was Built For Huge Land So You Can Harvest More Land With Less Stops. Yes There Is A Similiar Mod On Here, Mine Was Created Differently. Cause Power & Speed Is Better!
Installation: The Work Has Been Done For You. Just Download & Place File In Your Mod Folder. No Zipping Needed.

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  • Tina jensen
    2016-05-30 23:36
    Hey, how do i change harvester to MAX 19000tons grain and morml 9kph speed harvest ?
  • ...


    2016-05-31 00:08
    une moissonneuse qui roule a 187 km/h pourquoi ne pas lui avoir mis un reacteur et rotor d'helicopter non plus. Inutile sa vire de mes dossiers
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-31 00:26
    Locate mod file. Extract all to An Empty folder. Locate file of your machine example: Dodge_Ram_8.xml open file using notepad++ there you change what settings you want to your likings. then hit save. close notepad. select all files and turn it back into a .zip file place zip file back into your mods folder and your done.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-31 00:28
    Merci pour votre avis. Le Mods a été créé pour plus de plaisir . quelque chose à ajouter du piquant à la partie pour ceux qui détestent travailler comme des tortues . juste un mod amusant . nous jouons tous le jeu différemment.
  • Guest
    2016-05-31 03:27
    you need proper credits ass bag. GIANTS and Rafazr need to be listed.
  • Tina jensen
    2016-05-31 17:32
    Thank you "Mrpapawolf" .
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-31 23:12
    Thanks Tine jenson
  • I like it :)
    2016-06-01 05:41
    the black combine is pretty cool. nice handling. pretty fast too. Lol i slammed into a tree i forgot to hit the brakes i think i was going 108km/h < Sweet. i agree though you should put the credits in to show others who created the mod. Yes you changed the settings which is ok nothing says you cant. keep uploading mate.
  • My son says ty.
    2016-06-01 05:55
    i am a 53 year old farmer in rl. i get maybe 3-4 hours a day with my kids & wife. and during my oldests free time he plays this game. in rl i know what its like to drive a combine and work 1 field for days. i tell you what mr wolf i wish this was real. my wife and kids do to. id have more time with them if i had a combine with this much power and speed. hell i might even be rich. my son says ty for the mod. mr wolf ought to post the credits but dont stop making the cool mods.
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