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Case IH Magnum 380 Facelift Pack v1.2
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Case IH Magnum 380 Facelift Pack v1.2

Hallo my fellow Farming Simulator players,
this mod pack is a complete remodelling of Giant’s in-game Case IH Magnum 380.
The model was altered to be more faithful to the original: the exhaust, air-filter / air intake and other small parts have been replaced. Furthermore the headlights, the roof and front linkage have been completely remodelled.

The pack contains four variants:
The Magnum 380 EU Version with front linkage, warning signs and alteration to fit eu regulations (for example an altered trailer hitch in the rear and so on)
The Magnum 380 US Version for the north american market
The Magnum 380 US version as standard RowTrac version as well as
The Magnum 380 US version RowTrac Control on which the spacing of the RowTracs can be adjusted via MouseControl.

All versions have IC-control functions for the door, rear window, steering column and the warning signs.
Additionally the wheeled versions can use the purchasable twin wheels that come with the pack and on the Magnum 380 RowTracc control the spacing of the RowTracs can be adjusted via MouseControl.
All IC states (door open, window open etc) are saved across sessions.

Grundmodell des Traktors - Giants Software
Zwillingsreifenskript und Gitterbox - Manuel Leithner (Giants-Software)
Beifahrerskript – Alex2009
zylinderV2 - modelleicher
Reifen-Textur Giants, edit by mailman
Umbau: Timber131

  • Lamodder15
    2015-07-10 12:15
    Thanks for remodeling the cab i've been waiting for this new case, thanks
  • Donaldepot
    2016-01-27 02:18
    Very nice looking just wish there was a Row crop version of this mod.
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