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Case IH Magnum 7250 v1.0
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Case IH Magnum 7250 v1.0

Now with the front axle in the correct position.
Front mudguards off, removed number plate, gps and ariels added and warning sign. Slightly wider tires and Magnum decal on the front grid.
http://www.ls-world.pl/images/news/thumbs/case-7250-ih-magnum-full-washable_t1_1.jpg (original mod)

Original mod: jzd-straznice & Jukka

  • Guest
    2016-02-07 18:33
    It would be nice if the rear wheels didn't stop turning at speed..little details like this can make or break a mod for many of us...other than that, its awesome.
  • Mpfarmer97
    2016-02-07 18:58
    It may be your graphic settigns mate, because in my computer, at Very High, the wheels speen all the way to top speed.
  • Erpilas
    2016-02-07 20:04
    good ... gives me this error, fix it, thanks for the mod.......Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] Mesh1 Group1 Model'.Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] Mesh6 Group2 Model'.Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] Mesh10 Group4 Model'.
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