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CASE IH Quadtrac 1000 v1.1 The Red Baron
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CASE IH Quadtrac 1000 v1.1 The Red Baron

Hello Community
Today I present to you a very special model.
The CASE IH Quadtrac 1000 - The Red Baron is a model that does not exist yet real, but if the Giganterie in agricultural technology scene so rapidly continue as in the past few years, there will certainly be a model of this type with 1000PS soon.
The CASE IH Quadtrac - The Red Baron is only available for LS15
The Red Baron is actually created for fun of our multiplayer community that is the basic model Quadtrac 620 from LS15. The changes to the original are visible quickly as I set the type designation of 1000 he had simply look a bit flashy than the 620. In my model I am speaking players who seek a tug of more power than the LS15 standard vehicles, how did the Björnholm Map somewhat expanded and the fields in the map a bit steeper designed as the Quadtrac 620 is very compelled to be the limit, but is playable with all appliances, by this also the Quadtrac 1000 has been launched to the gameplay yet slightly increase. For the Red Baron the technical data on the purchase at the dealer are in a beautiful detailed description.
I wish hereby to all who were looking for a bit more power for LS15 most gameplay.
Oh something I almost forgot.
The sort of people are now thinking what. A rubbish that is not realistic, or is not, it should write this mod in no case downloading and PLEASE no stupid comments about

Giants, KHD-Agrostar

  • Skytracer
    2014-12-06 15:22
    F...king pass need for unzip...!!!
  • Guester
    2014-12-06 15:34
    This mod doesn't work if the files are password protected...!
  • Lusitano
    2014-12-06 15:49
    For upload a mod if then can not play with him because of a password? Has no logic.
  • Guest
    2014-12-07 18:14
    thomas get rid of the password for others or give the password in pvt chat, cuz none of us can use it due to the password. i did want the one cultivator mod but the thing is specifically designed for the red baron. please fix this
  • Leon
    2014-12-08 21:35
    hey guys and girls, i found one that do workhttp://www.farming2015mods.com/farming-simulator-2015/tractors/case-ih-quadtrac-1000-tractor-v-1-2/
  • Guest
    2014-12-09 05:33
    ya find a site that is junk free . leon. ass h e
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