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CASE Magnum 380 Black Beast v1.0
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CASE Magnum 380 Black Beast v1.0

I once the Case Magnum 380 a little rebuilt! Log is error-free!

Case Magnum 380
Changed painting
Increased power to 1000 hp
Increased speed to 55 km / h
Adjusted fuel consumption
Engine sounds matched
Increased weight
Adapted camera
Cultivated lights
Cultivated warning signs
And furthermore ...

Features: IC circuit

!!! It is expressly forbidden this mod again upload somewhere. Unless you have permission from my hand !!!
Objective criticism or suggestions are welcome!
MFG dumplings Modding Company ©

Mods used:
Bullenfämger = freak36558

Knödel Modding Company©

  • Buster
    2015-09-05 22:47
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    very good job a tractor with some power at last thanx.
  • J.holder
    2015-09-06 04:40
    0 0
    awesome tractor.thank you thank you
  • Matrix50
    2015-09-06 19:17
    0 0
    I can not like the Nazi cross on it. so I made the whole skin on it, and made white tires text on ... but is a awesome tractor...
  • Graygoose
    2015-09-07 17:15
    0 0
    max road speed is 27, how can I increase it to 55? besides that great tractor,
  • Chezlow
    2015-09-08 12:17
    0 0
    MATRIX50 that is Not a Nazi symbol, just check out any German air force plane :)
  • Glen
    2015-12-22 20:43
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    I love this tractor, has the power i've been looking for. The only problem I have is that the bounces when trailers are being loaded and unloaded. Is there any way to tighten or strengthen the suspension of the tractor?
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