Farming simulator 2019 mods
Case Maxxum 190 v0.9 Alpha FW
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Case Maxxum 190 v0.9 Alpha FW

Model Turbosquid (Aurora Team) *** V0.9 Alpha FW version coming soon new better version***
Case Maxxum 190
Full Washable
Hose Ref Ready
IC Doors/Windows/Panel Control Bossini
2 Version FH and FW
Real Engine
Hose Ref Ready
Aloe Console ready
Handbrake Function
Different Wheels
Display Interior Animated
powered by (Aurora Team), STv-Modding
Respect the work and passion and don't upload without original link!

Model: Turbosquid (Aurora Team),STv-Modding
Texture: Turbosquid,STv-Modding
Script: STv-Modding
Idea / Concept: STv-Modding,Aurora Team
Testing: STv-Modding
Other: STv-Modding,Aurora Team,AgriLuke

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