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Case Optum 300 CVX v1.5.1
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Case Optum 300 CVX v1.5.1

This rebuilt is the ‘farewell present’ to FS 15. In Farm Sim 17 we will continue with a new completely new model and new ideas.

Final version of Optums, the hood and the roof had in the middle nor an edge, that have been removed with this update.

90% of the model has been rebuilt. For the interior of the cabin and the chassis some parts of my Puma 240 have been used.
For this release the features have been streamlined:
IC for door, sunshades, sunroof, rear window, steering column, armrest
as well as fold front linkage, hide/show fender, warning signs, open/close bonnet, wheel weights, pin hitch adjustment
license plate script has been left in place.
for MP sessions there is now also the passenger script.

Changelog Version 1.5
- new front / rear rims
- new front axle
- textures reworked
- interior reworked (seat, textures pixelation free as far as possible)
- engine data changed (300/313 hp)

For more realistic consumption FuelAdjust is recommended as well

model/textur: Timber131
sounds: Ludmilla
axle: En ÈebuljÈek
tire texture: Giants, edit by mailman
ingaming: Timber131, Trabby76
description, texts: FarmerBeavis

Thanks to all script authors!
3d model, any parts thereof and the textures remain property of The World Of 3D (C) Changing, editing and (re-) upload is prohibited.

model/Textur. Timber131
ingame: Timber131, Trabby76
sounds: Ludmilla
axle: En ÈebuljÈek
tire texture: Giants, edit by mailman
description, texts: FarmerBeavis

  • Pete hansen
    2016-08-20 19:45
    Great mod, thanks
  • Martingamer
    2016-08-20 20:01
    la calandre (ext comme interieur) était mieux faite sur le 1er de siid modding qui est sorti ce que je regrette car celui-ci est très réussi mis a par la calandre (je la trouve + réaliste ) cependant je réalise le travail gigantesque car je fus pendant longtemps un moddeur amateur qui sait le travail titanesque que vous accomplissez pourriez-vous avec mon + grand respect essayer de remodeler la calandre comme l'optum de siid modding Merci
  • Name
    2016-08-23 12:51
    the grille (outside as inside) was better made on the 1st of siid modding that came out that I regret because it is very successful set has the grille (I find + realistic) however I realize the enormous work because I was a longtime amateur modder who knows the titanic work you do could you with my great respect + try to reshape the grille as Optum siid of modding Thanks. PLEASE USE ENGLISH
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