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Case Patriot 4430 Sprayer v1.0
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Case Patriot 4430 Sprayer v1.0

I have done really nothing to this sprayer except add a cube map to the paint job. It has no dirt textures. It is a tad bit too shiny for me, but it looks a little better.
I did add front and back work lights. The light coronas look alot better. It has working beacons and turn signals.
Spray particles are the same.
This is my first mod, so let me know if there is anything wrong with it. :)

Seriousmods Sivy Henrique Bianchini Rafazr SMW Modding/Giants

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    2016-01-20 00:09
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    Really good mod. Like you said isn't much things different. If you can, try adding a feature so the nossle bar can go up and down and try changing the engine sound. It is pretty bad. Overall good job and try adding a few more things
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