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Case Puma Twin pack V1.0
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Case Puma Twin pack V1.0

CaseIH Puma's, 160 with standard motor specs but with wider dyeable wheels, more steering, slower steering wheel speed, adjusted wider fenders annd some roof aerials. The other with Twin rear Dynamic wheels and a bit more grunt, road speed limited to approx 57kmh.

1 zip to place straight into your Mod folder.

Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2015-01-15 16:00
    Both are Washable, Multiplayer and 120000 to buy with 20 baily cost's.
  • Guest
    2015-01-15 19:36
    Thankyou Stevie for mod.I have added to your collection.
  • Guest
    2015-01-16 00:45
    Yeah ... of the Lord ... with imagination YOU absolutely hardly
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