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CaseIH AxialFlow 9230S v1.2
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CaseIH AxialFlow 9230S v1.2

Howdy Hey MH Suchtis
Since the topic of tractors is now firstonce processed in special finishes for me
I present herewith YOU Phase Two: Pimp-my-Combine ^^
Collaboration of KHD-Agro Star and BloKKmonsTa187
emerged is the new CASE IH AXIAL FLOW 9230S US EDITION

Age, what changes to the Giants there is anything ?! Good that you ask!
-breitere tires
-breiteres crawler chassis
-Strassengeschwindigkeit 40km / h
-625 Hp
-15.000 Liter grain tank
-USA Flag imprint
-USA Warning paint on the rear and overcharge tube
-Suitable to Blue driver's seat
-Shop Description / Picture adjusted
-Sonderlackierungen Cost money, purchase price increased slightly

Many thanks to Julian
aka KHD for the Monstrous Assist and appreciation of the thresher
Release of KHD-Agro Star I have!
Where the CASE is available without a special finish:
KHD-Agro Star Blokkmonsta and wish you continued success in the harvest!


  • Zach
    2015-02-27 00:04
    this mod does not work i think something is wrong with the scrpit...
  • Skytracer
    2015-02-27 03:02
    same for me...
  • Edward nash
    2015-02-27 06:07
    Did not work for me ether
  • Guest
    2015-02-27 15:11
    ok i have make it working ,...Thomas do you want i upload it or you want to do it your self ???i can give it to you if you want...
  • Zach
    2015-03-02 03:20
    i wish you would upload it or someone upload it i really want this mod>>>
  • Blokkmonsta187
    2015-03-04 06:34
    Ive Posted the Fixed Version where Ive Uploaded it originally. This website just dont update these things cause its Re-uploaded (aka stolen) look it up on Modhoster
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