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CaseIH Mower L32000 v1.0
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CaseIH Mower L32000 v1.0

Price in shop: € 179 000, maintenance costs: 79 € / day
To find the shop under CATEGORIES (MODS) / Mowers.

Function: to mow grass and pick up at the same time or just mow grass.
Working width: 4 meters, load capacity: 32000 liter, four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering.
Maximum speed: 50 km / h maximum mowing speed: 19 km / h.
Warning shortly befor the charger is completely full.
If the charger is fully unable to continue mowing man - you have to empty it first.
Particlesystem the mower while mowing. Rotating knives and rollers.
The mower is dirty and is washable.

Multiplayer Yes, helper operation No
The mower is just a prototype and will be never produced!


  • Evil moneky
    2015-07-31 19:15
    awesome mod thanks vey much
  • John
    2015-07-31 19:59
    very good mod thank you very much
  • Mohamed
    2015-08-01 03:25
    Thanks for the mod.Can i pick up the straw with this machine?
  • Jtman
    2015-08-01 17:17
    Would be a nice mod if the camera did not bounce around with the bumps. There is a way to steady the camera.. google that shit.
  • Name
    2015-08-03 01:30
    Great mod except it needs a bigger header.
  • Chuck
    2015-08-27 08:28
    I agree it needs a bigger header. It has good speed.
  • Loza
    2016-05-20 15:25
    excellent mod!!!!now ist more easyer with no tractor,mower and wagon
  • Kleeblatt
    2017-07-14 22:45
    da wird Grass mähen zur Freude. Topgerät, danke dafür
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