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Cat 725A v2.0
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Cat 725A v2.0

Times have hir a Cat 725A v2.0 Mod Pack
Cat 725A Water and Liquid Manure Tanker
Capazity 25000

Cat 725A Solid Manure Spreader
Cat Front Work Light "KEY_KP_4
Cat CabLight "KEY_KP_5
Cat Door "KEY_z
Cat Window "KEY_KP_7
Cat Seat "KEY_KP_8
Cat Visor "KEY_KP_9
Cat HB "key1 =" KEY_space

Modell: Cat 725A
Idee / Konzept: winston9587 & carolinaboy
Tester: Rico-stl

  • Pepito
    2016-03-30 15:05
    The cat 725A dump sand not load or record
  • Pummelboer
    2016-04-02 15:41
    Shitty xml and i3D file are encrypted. This wouldn't be a problem if the modder knows what he's doing. But this fuckin' thing doesn't work at all...... No loading under conveyor belt or silo and because it's encrypted no one has the chance to have a look at it to try to make it work.
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