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CAT 980H Articulate Front Loader v3.0
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CAT 980H Articulate Front Loader v3.0

FS15 Caterpillar 980H Articulated Front Loader converted from FS13. For all our Fans and Lovers of Cat EQuipment, We LUVS Ya. Holds 50,000 liters, Crops: sand gravel coal stone salt gypsum limestone manure silage potato sugarBeet woodChips grass_windrow chaff forage wheat_windrow barley_windrow maize rape barley wheat.
USES FILL TYPES REGISTERED IN THE MAP! So if you have no sand in the map, you will get an unregistered filltype error, but if map has sand, you won't get error.
HAS 4 camera positions, Outside, Inside, TIPPER VIEW and KP 9 for Backup Camera.

GIANTS. No credits needed, per Giants License agreement in Editor. User Content free to share per Giants. No permission needed per Giants License Agreement in Editor.

  • Heitorfs15
    2015-09-08 19:14
    Hmmm Good mod, but the Diesel and the shovel physic is no real.great mod
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-09-08 19:19
    The real is One galon od diesel per 7Km
  • Seriousmods
    2015-09-08 20:14
    why don't you wankers make some valuable mods for the game like tractors and combines instead of construction equipment. you wanna do that go play construction simulator. one of my many reasons i started the petition to shut this garbage of a page down.
  • Punisher
    2015-09-08 21:10
    Why So Serious? There are lots of tractors and harvesters already out. Maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass and opened your eyes you see that some farmers do use larger front loaders like this. You won't shut this page down, and if by some miracle you do, 5 more will take its place you sad pathetic waste of life.
  • Seriouslymods
    2015-09-08 21:31
    Seriously? If you read the comments, this was converted out of 13 into 15. This mod already existed in game, just not in 15. So this isn't a new mod. Ofcourse it is sad all the good modders are being run off or getting frustrated with things like this. Serious Modders, why are you even posting? I heard on Feenix Feather's channel you had quit. Thanks for your service to the FS Community, But Go retire and leave this crap fight up to those who want to continue playing this game,
  • Nissenko
    2015-10-29 09:04
    Great job, I use both the ART & AWS versions. The textures lost in details from the AWS version. I corrected this for my personnal use, and I also raise the hydraulic speed.
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