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Cat Challenger MT865B v1.1 beta
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Cat Challenger MT865B v1.1 beta

beta v1.1
- improve visual
- improve driving physics
- minor fixes
beta v1.0
Get Dirty-modify
- modification is zmywalna
- indicators
- the ability to set the track width of the caterpillars
- roosters
- lighting
- normal texture
- registering a vehicle
- mobile camera
- moving components in the cabin
Editing and amending ban download link

paypal addres: [email protected]

Model: SCS-Software, siid, Marlin, vnsfdg2, kmn modding, interior - giedrius
Programming and visual details: Siid
And Aid: Liqwidator, ziuta, młody98, bartulo, user

  • Guest
    2016-05-28 14:25
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    this challenger is AWESOME. i thought the original was great but it just got even better. i really appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this mod. it's especially great you guys share your work with the little guys like me who don't know how to mod or don't have the time.
  • Guest
    2016-05-28 16:01
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    wow......thanks siid. this challenger is awesome. great work to you and your team. this community needs more guys like you who release quality mods.
  • President of presidents
    2016-05-28 17:00
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    Warning (physics): Static actor moved (CAT_MT875B_Body.001) Warning (physics): Static actor moved (CAT_MT875B_Body.001) Warning (physics): Static actor moved (CAT_MT875B_Body.001)
  • Jim


    2016-05-29 07:31
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    First version was error free. What happened here???
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