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Cat Challenger MT865B v1.3
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Cat Challenger MT865B v1.3

Donate: paypal addres: [email protected]

Model: scs-software, SiiD, Marlin, vnsfdg2, KMN Modding
Programming and visual details: Siid
And assistance: Liqwidator, Ziuta, MÅ‚ody98, Bartulo, User B4D

- Improved model
- Improvement of driving physics
- New reflections
- Repair of cooperation with the modification ZZZ_GPS

- Panel IC
- Amendments model
- Amendments textures
- Repair attach
- Changing sounds
- Mute cabin
- Adding wiper (only work in the rain)

beta v1.1
- Improvement of the visual
- Improvement of driving physics
- Little corrections

beta v1.0
- Modification gets dirty
- Modification is washable
- Direction
- Ability to set a track width track
- Roosters
- Lighting
- Texture normal
- Script passenger
- Registering a vehicle
- Movable camera
- Moving parts in the cabin
prohibition of editing and changes download link


  • Gator
    2016-06-30 17:08
    This is a nice challenger ! But starting in the inside view is real bummer ! Please fix as I like to walk up to my tractor to enter it .
  • Duke
    2016-06-30 22:53
    Don't see how it's a stupid comment! It should be as the default tractors tho!
  • Guestxxx
    2016-07-01 00:18
    Starting cam being inside is no biggie..... just press C lol. takes half a second. This is a great, well designed mod. Thank You Siid and all those involved in making this and for sharing it.
  • Prohibitiondllink haha
    2016-07-01 23:26
    HAHA, guess thoomas didn't read your freakingly long desc. HAHA well it's every where now
  • Jim


    2016-07-02 04:30
    Simply reverse camera 1 to 2 and camera 2 to 1 in the xml.
  • Insert name
    2016-07-02 20:35
    this a very nice tractor. far better than any of the other challengers out. so nice of siid to share this with the public. glad we have siids since kmn's is really joe's and won't see release.
  • Gatorade
    2016-07-04 06:32
    Uhh, it would be nice if it pulled faster than 4.5mph in the field. :D
  • Keegs321
    2016-07-10 02:40
    ladies please.....dont fight about the camera staring in the cabin! it adds a realistic feel to it
  • Aaron
    2016-08-24 11:26
    Pile of bullshite better off with JD
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