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CAT Fleet 15 A v1.0
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CAT Fleet 15 A v1.0

After many requests for the "Cat Fleet" for Farming Simulator 2015 we are pleased to finally release Part A. This pack containes truck, trailers and the 980H All Wheel Steer (AWS).
The other mods are quietly being converted information and will hopefully be available in the very near future.

Cat Kenworth 100 series: All wheel drive - New lights (Improved Bel3 script) - New windows - Tilting Cab and Blender work to interior and body.
Cat SRB35 Trailers A and B Logos - Capacity = 50,000 L - FS15 Grain plan - All default and feed fruit types - New lights - Blender work.
Cat Bulk Liquids Transportation (BLT) - Improved scripts and animations - Fruit type = Water and Slurry, Biofuel will follow in the next release. - Blender work.
Cat Flatbed - UBT updated script for automatic bale collection and wool.
Cat 980H Wheel loader - Capacity = 25,000 L - FS15 Shovel grain planes - All default and feed fruit types - New windows - New Lights.
Cat Dolly - Hmm does the job ...

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to vary the throttle speed due to speed capability and FS15 physics.
Recommended Mods - zzz_Drive Control Mod, Mod zzz_Individual Hud Fruit and No collision Camera Mod.
Still to do are the in store information and some fine tuning and would apreciate some suggestions for improvement.
Special thanks to Goelm for Scripting, Lighting and Blender work without him the mods would not be possible.
Please refer to Credit tab for other credits.
Lastly please watch the video for operational tips.
Hope you enjoy this release MFG Getsome2030 and Goelm

Giants Software
Sven777B - Bel3 script
Oxtar - Original K100 and Tanker models

  • Guest
    2015-03-16 04:08
    Thank You for adding mods for Cat equipment especially the 980 front loader. looking forward to more Cat equipment soon hopefully a D8 or D9 dozer with blade.
  • Vader
    2015-03-16 05:40
    it downloads for me but nothing shows up in my buy menu in the game ..am I doing something wrong ?
  • Guest
    2015-03-16 19:58
    Vader:With this file you need to unpack the main file into a separate folder. Then move the files for each vehicle into your FS15 mods folder.
  • Bob


    2015-03-17 14:27
    merci pour ce super mod que j'attendaisconcernant le plateau a balle dommage qu'il ne puisse pas se connecter a une seconde remorque
  • Jason
    2015-03-17 17:06
    Cat Flatbed - UBT updated script for automatic bale collection and wool. does not work in mp. the load will glitch out and disappear its load of bales
  • John
    2015-03-17 21:34
    Jason your lucky, I cant find the flatbed trailer, all the others are there but not the flatbed. Can you tell me which category its in please
  • Jason
    2015-03-18 22:07
    in baleing
  • Gwalden
    2015-03-19 14:51
    halloCat Kenworth warum geht er nicht im Courseplay!
  • Guest
    2015-03-20 22:14
    The Cat Flatbed trailer is under "Baling Technology" in the mods portion of the store. Did not see anywhere else. This is a great mod. Like the auto load function on the flatbed. The Kenworth is great, I had to modify the exhaust to give it some black smoke though. The wheel loader is huge. No issues in the time I have been using them, nothing noticeable during game play.
  • Guest
    2015-03-26 21:57
    thank you for adding mods
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