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Cat Lexion 1090 HDR Dyeable 8 Pack v1.4
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Cat Lexion 1090 HDR Dyeable 8 Pack v1.4

V1.4 no errors, 30mb zip for all 8 machines.

Here's my New Holland 1090 Combines and Draper 45ft cutters with Cat Lexion HDR Dyeable Skin with no washout to lights or other parts.

3 combines and 1 cutter are standard capacity, power, operating speed and daily cost's. The other 3 combines are fully modified with 60000 capacitys and the cutter operates at 18kmh instead of 9kmh. All are multiplayer and washable, cost's are 350000 for all combines but the standard ones have 980 daily cost's as opposed to the modified ones which are 350 daily. The Draper 45 HDR dyeable cutters are 50000 to buy with the standard 9kmh having 110 daily cost's and the 18kmh cutter having 50 daily cost's.

Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

  • Wayne
    2015-04-10 17:43
    hey u said no errors lol man u need to play with it then it got all kind of errors in it shit just like the damm maps on here
  • Firez34
    2015-04-10 18:38
    What errors are you getting and when?
  • Firez34
    2015-04-10 19:25
    Grain Tank fill Planes again. Sorry Folks.
  • Wayne
    2015-04-10 20:22
    lol that ok man I just don't see no grain in it and I havet had no luck with the maps on here some one made a map with soybean on it and it missed up to and I ask them to fix it but they want do it it pp me off lol and I really like that map cant play it I play with cat 1090 if u fix them I like them to . thanks man sorry for the pp off.
  • Firez34
    2015-04-10 21:40
    It's ok WAYNE it's my Fault I've had this happen before on the grain tanks a while ago so I'll get it fixed over the weekend.
  • Firez34
    2015-04-10 23:48
    FIX is in the upload que for the Grain Tank fill plane, Lightbar was conflicting so it's gone for now. All tested and all filling now. Thanks WAYNE for letting me know. Stevie.
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