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Cat Multicolor here v1.1
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Cat Multicolor here v1.1

Hello everybody, Here is the good version of the link for this truck Caterpillar with the multicolor integrate above, more diverse other options.


Привет всем, Вот хорошая версия ссылки для этого грузовика Caterpillar с многоцветной интеграции выше, более разнообразные другие варианты.



  • Guest
    2016-04-19 00:10
    this truck looks like junk. all we wanted was the standard truck not all that shit added to it. now you've gone and ruined it.
  • Punisher
    2016-04-19 05:08
    The only good solid CAT CT660's are private.
  • Scott
    2016-04-19 08:09
    Hi good job bros
  • Night
    2016-04-19 08:36
    buenos modas
  • Ivan
    2016-04-19 17:12
    tres beau camion bravo
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