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Cat Truck Actual Truck
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Cat Truck Actual Truck

A real truck! Im not the orginal creator I just edited the truck to make it look better and easyier to drive.

Everyone who cares

  • Hear we go
    2016-03-18 09:23
    wait for it wait for it..and the little cry babies start to cry over a mod
  • Ben


    2016-03-18 13:27
  • Guest
    2016-03-18 17:24
    yes cry babies will cry over the mod but all this mod is the very mod thats on technicmods page. it might be edited i did not download it and i don't plan too. the ONLY decent cat truck i have tried and kept is the very one thats on technicmods page. the rest i've tried from various sites and pages have been complete JUNK. i will stay with the one from technicmods until either joe releases his or it is leaked.
  • Fuct'd modding
    2016-03-18 17:24
    Nice Edit! it definitely has or had way to much power.. also if you want a deeper chrome a a black dds file in material editing and u will have true chrome i did the chrome this way so it didnt kill low end pc's.. keep up the good work
  • Rory kain
    2016-03-18 21:08
    It's my cat, I bought it from the members money I took, and bought, I also leaked out all of my other cat ct660s, and the 2017 f450's, Eric you know I bought these models, your just a whinny little bitch
  • R9


    2016-03-18 23:49
    Nice truck it would be nice to put on a nice Grain box on it with all fruits
  • Valleyfarm
    2016-03-19 00:23
    FUCT'D MODDING - thats a good idea!
  • Fuct'd modding
    2016-03-19 01:28
    Guest: your using the truck i made thats on techinic modsRory stop your whining.. move the fuck on!!
  • Valleyfarm
    2016-03-19 01:46
    lol oh yeah that makes sense! I edited a bit too, I all that chrome was slowing down my pc
  • Rory kain
    2016-03-19 06:16
    Eric I own that model and you know it you lieing cunt
  • @fuct'd modding
    2016-03-19 14:45
    i did give in and download this truck but i'm still using yours. THE ONLY thing i took from this truck was the top of the hood because it has that "scoop" in it. i seriously have not found a better version than the FUCT'D version on technicmods. and the only other thing i want to do to it is make it dyeable because i'd really like to have that gray that joe lindberg uses but i can only find that gray in the color options in the game choices.
  • Cry much
    2016-03-19 20:25
    @Rory Kain You sure piss and moan like a little bitch. Move on and stop crying over it
  • Sick of this codswallop
    2016-03-21 22:45
    Stop fighting over which one is better better neither of them work, the only one that actually drives like it should and has an interior is Joe's, and we aren't getting it. So I'd move on from these Cat trucks because frankly they all suck unless Joe releases his by some miracle. Case dismissed kids. Move along, move along...
  • People are brainless
    2016-04-12 19:54
    So, how do you know it's better than his if you don't even know who he is? Oh, so its JUST missing an interior? Are you freaking serious?!? How can you release a mod that's 60% finished? Keep using it if you like, but seriously, put the truck in context- its subpar. Your're so mature
  • Error 404 name not found.
    2016-04-20 04:29
    For those of you wondering the guy Joe everybody is talking about is Lindbejb Modding a well known private modder.
  • No name
    2016-07-10 20:00
    Joe and Rory are butt buddies. Here's another leaked version of another one of fag boy's trucks. http://www.modland.net/farming-simulator-2015/trucks/cat-ct660-v-4.0-edited.html
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