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Cat Truck V2
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Cat Truck V2

Cat Truck everybody wants it nobody has it until now

Nobody Cares

  • Catmods
    2016-02-18 07:28
    I forgot to change the store image and brand in the moddesc I borrowed it's a ford in the cars category.
  • Hey


    2016-02-18 09:47
    its a cat dont dowload
  • Wow


    2016-02-18 09:51
    apparently someone has a lot of growing up to do
  • Pkmodding
    2016-02-18 10:33
    Dont bother download, the only thing you get is a giant Cat, literally then animal, a Cat......
  • Tristan
    2016-02-18 11:48
    i like the cat and my cat will like it too
  • Catmods
    2016-02-18 19:02
    Warning main picture may not represent the final product. I forgot to post this warning.
  • Caseih2015
    2016-02-18 20:58
    Don't worry I will have the cat truck up in awhile needs a little work but it will be the cat truck
  • Pkmodding
    2016-02-18 20:58
    IF and When I do get a working version of the CT660... I can guaran damn tee you I will not be sharing it or re uploading it anywhere. I'm finally understanding why there are soo many private mods and private / hidden groups.
  • Lol


    2016-02-18 21:33
    Nice pic, unfortunately the truck everyone wants as described and shown in pic will remain forever private. I am assuming this is how marketing is so successful, they pray on the weak minded and gullible retards lol. Epic cat model tho, MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This mod needs to come down cause.. They must not know the dif between Catipllar And a cat.. Sorry about spelling kinds pissed cause of this download.
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-02-19 01:12
    this upload looks like the job of lindbejb and if he indeed upload, you trolls deserves it always asking for anything he comes up with. go play ATS if you don't like private modders.
  • Catmods
    2016-02-19 02:10
    You guys can't take a joke well I release most of my mods I just thought this would be hilarious but it's actually a CAT truck the pun is just great.
  • Joe lindberg
    2016-02-19 03:20
    You people assume to amaze me with all this. Intelligence at it's finest here. You all need jobs and have better life instead of wasting quality time of your short life on a PC.
  • Name
    2016-02-19 21:10
    nice shouldve waited till april 1st lol wen does the cat challenger in the back come out that thing look mean
  • Jesus
    2016-02-20 01:08
  • John deere modding
    2016-02-20 06:34
    SWEET MOD! a total download for me! great work on the kitty! I've always wanted one!Thanks everyone!
  • Thefamingmaster
    2016-02-20 23:56
    Don't download it, it is absolutely useless.
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