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Cat Truck 660 v1
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Cat Truck 660 v1

Need a little work but it's the cat truck

How cares

  • seriously, why can't you ppl release nice mods for once, shit is getting old
  • Wow


    2016-02-18 22:34
    this is why people leak and take mods from privet modders ...dont say no one will take your mod cuz they will it allways happens
  • Ere


    2016-02-18 22:36
    This looks good but it has some problems. -indoor camera upside down-some textures are just black-poorly rendered(can walk through)
  • Boo


    2016-02-18 23:10
    Yea it needs work but not bad for a cat truck at release it ant no cat or chicken some work it will be a good truck
  • Rjk


    2016-02-18 23:13
    Im the creator of this mod, it is UNFINISHED and Leaked. i had some people do testing to find errors, and this is the fucking shit i get
  • Guest
    2016-02-18 23:23
    it's a shame the community is littered with CHILDREN. what is done on this mod so far is good, far far better than i could ever do. it will be a great truck once finished.
  • Ok yall chill
    2016-02-19 00:52
    ok for the person that took this thanks. f that fag that dont want to share his mods..know for the people thats crying over a mod im sorry that you are butt hurt...i am fixing the mod as we speak so give me awhile so i can fix the errors .and i will re upload it ok thank you
  • @rjk
    2016-02-19 01:22
    You brought this upon yourself. You got into a pissing match with people from another "group" and caused hate and discontent. You banned people from your group just because they were affiliated with this other group even though they had no ill intentions. Take this as a lesson learned. You released this truck thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread, and when your started getting negative feedback, you banned people and backtracked saying that it was a test run.
  • Donald pottorff
    2016-02-19 01:22
    The Modder that is doing this is going to put it when its done. The guy who uploaded this is an assbandit. Piece of shit thing to do.
  • Donald pottorff
    2016-02-19 01:53
    I mean damn this right here is the very reason people are making their mods private in the first place.
  • Fuckers
    2016-02-19 03:39
  • @fuckers
    2016-02-19 03:47
    amen brother amen
  • Donald pottorff
    2016-02-19 04:19
  • Eng51ine
    2016-02-19 06:01
    This has nothing to do with Fuct'd Modding... Why do you guys always bring that into it?
  • Punisher
    2016-02-19 06:15
    I'd like to see the chicken shit uploader Come forward with is real name. Your suck a fucking pathetic douche bag.
  • Guest
    2016-02-19 06:18
    thanks for the truck man, i got it all cleaned up and error free and its as good as a basic in game truck. now it's time to pimp this fucker up. who needs joe's piece of shit cat truck i got my own now.
  • Wtf


    2016-02-19 06:22
    why can't you upload joes????? This isn't nearly as nice. Where is the detail and IC controls like his? put some effort in before you release next time. Thanks
  • @rjk
    2016-02-19 06:43
    Funny how you say you bought the model for this truck when you were given permission to create stuff for it you leave the group and claim it as yours and you bought it. Funny how Karma Kicks you in the ASS, Your the reason nobody wants to release their pvt mods. Go get a fucking life and quit taking credit for shit that aint yours
  • Donald pottorff
    2016-02-19 06:48
    why dont you post in your own name you fucking cock sucker
  • @fuckers
    2016-02-19 06:50
    What does Fuct'D got to do with this. The piece of shit left and took it with him. Nobody from Fuct'D released it as it was with all of his butt fucking buddies that left Fuct'D and went out on their own. Maybe you ought to do your research before throwing a group under the bus as obviously you have no fucking clue who or what your talking about.
  • Jesus
    2016-02-20 01:08
  • God


    2016-02-20 22:46
    lools ;ile it got fuct'd lol, all they do is half ass shitty edits. All fs is these days. Ruined and overrun by retarded fucks with no talent that think they are the shit.
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