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Cat Challenger MT1050 v1.1
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Cat Challenger MT1050 v1.1

This the Challenger 1050 I released. The log is clean now. I used the Fendt1050 steph33 v3.7. I had some help with lights from Braindead4554. He got me started so I moved on and got lights workin on the hood and should. I has dual. IC controls, and weight.

Timber, steph33 Giants, jb3pc4sale and it was brought to my attention by Bob,that the hood that was used on all the Challenger tractors I released is from Esit. Without his hood mood we wouldn't have a great looking Challenger.

  • Guest
    2016-07-29 21:21
    JB3PC4SALE I'm assuming by your title that you have no clue that CAT has not owned the "Challenger" name for 14 years LOL. Challenger was bought by AGCO.
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-30 15:09
    They are still sold by caterpillar dealers. Our county spent a whole bunch of money for tractors and graders from the cat dealer. Next time I'll leave the cat off.
  • Magik2005
    2017-10-30 10:29
    Any chance you'll convert this for FS17? There are just no Challengers out there for 17 right now, unless all you want are tracked ones or the articulated bruiser. Challenger still make and sell the fixed-frame versions (not counting the 1050 Vario Fendt clone), yet no-one will make a tractor mod for the crop-tractors.
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