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Cat Challenger MT875D v2.1
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Cat Challenger MT875D v2.1

Bonjour tout le monde,
voici le cat_Challenger MT875D avec des textures "high definition".
Nouvelle textures plus correction de la texture des fhares faite cette fois.
j'espere que cela vous fera plaisir bon amusement


  • No.....
    2016-06-02 13:25
    the hood looks terrible, is that even a real challenger hood?
  • Guest
    2016-06-02 14:27
    no this is just some kid trying to be a douche bag with his piece of shit noob edit. it's a real challenger hood from wheeled challengers but don't belong on a tracked unit at all. i think i'll stick with my john deere's until someone releases a real 875.
  • Deerepower
    2016-06-02 14:55
    Nooo!!! not again with this unreal shit!!!!
  • @guest
    2016-06-02 15:00
    GUESTsale fils de pute que tu es,quesque tu crois sans decconait que les gens von payé un model 3d 100 euro pour ensuite le partager gratuitement avec un conanrd comme toi?tu veut rire jespere! des gars comme toi ne merite rien du tout.deja contente toi de ce qu'il tais proposé (GRATUITEMENT)si tu n'aime pas tu va ailleur et viens pas foutre ta merde dans les commentaires tout sa parce que tu es jalousie et incapable de faire des choses mis appart critiquer les autres ta spécialité.
  • Scotty
    2016-06-02 15:10
    good mod thank
  • Haha
    2016-06-02 17:50
    jealous because i can't mod? if i did mod i'd produce something of quality and accuracy from the ground up on my own with help from the one's i learn from. not take some other modders work, run it through shit grinder and then release it calling it my own. if thats what the community wants it looks like thats what they are going to get because they are driving away every modder out there.
  • Guest
    2016-06-02 20:26
    the way i see it is these children that are stealing mods, doing shit edits on good mods and leaking mods without permission or proper credits are just shooting themselves in the foot. one of these days no one is going to be releasing anything because of them. then where will they get their mods from???
  • Yes


    2016-06-02 23:11
    log file is clean no errors or warnings good work still needs a little work like changing it to English which i can do and the engine is off but no big deal
  • Too many cats
    2016-06-03 00:22
    So many cats, so many versions. Which one do you use? None of them look or drive like the real thing. These are almost as bad as those goofy Cat semi trucks that were a hot commodity a month or two ago, now everyone has forgotten about those and moved on these. Everyone will forget about these once they realize no version will suit them.
  • Jhon
    2016-06-03 12:47
    nice work thank
  • Anyone
    2016-06-03 21:18
    ok there is a map with C&H Sugar silos they are pink and white does anyone know what im talking about..if u know where they are would u please post the link or name of map they are on thanks
  • Josh rapes kids
    2016-06-03 22:09
    im jdunn and i steal money and mods and love to live off the goverment here is my ts and i also beat my kids with a bat
  • Insert name
    2016-06-04 00:06
    if your referring to the ASM website run by jdunn1019 then you are WRONG. there are no stolen mods on that site. just mods donated from different people. and just because he posts the mods under his name doesn't men he's saying he made them. its the same as when thomas posts mods here on modhub. thomas has used his name on most of the most i've uploaded to this site.
  • @insert name
    2016-06-04 00:36
    sounds like u are kissing up to josh dunn..that likes to lie to everyone and steal shit like money..everyone in fs community knows about that joker ..all he does is talk shit and cant back it up he has to hide behind his computer..we all ready know what he has been saying..dont for get everyone has a snitch
  • Cristina
    2016-06-04 03:01
    Heres a question for all those kids , if this was a shit mod why is there so many downloading on all sites its on, yes its siids mod and his true followers like me back siid 100% but once a mods released theres not alot anyone can say or do about who edits them and releases again we just have to live with it and move on as it will happen again & again in all mod aspects
  • Dave
    2016-06-04 03:04
    Cristina your 110% right there , i too back siid
  • Guest
    2016-06-04 14:36
    i back siid as well. i think it's a shame the disrespect this community has for one another and that there seems to be no way to get through to these ass bags. FS is a dying game because of these people. they aren't improving the game at all. soon mods will cease to exist and people will stop playing the game. then what will these douches do? siid and the like are trying to improve the game and bring it back to life.
  • Ethan
    2016-06-04 15:06
    Job well done wishesManagement means helping people to do their best, not just organizing things. Thank you for a good job! We really appreciate your efforts.
  • Peaceanstreet
    2016-06-04 15:09
    60 like yeahh good mod bros haha
  • Guest
    2016-06-05 02:07
    i guess if you people like shit then sure it's a great mod.
  • Guest
    2016-06-05 23:05
    man that is one ugly looking tractor. fake looking too, but if your not playing the game for realism i suppose who gives a rats behind.
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