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Caterpillar 994F for Silage v1.0
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Caterpillar 994F for Silage v1.0

The caterpillar is not 100% but the CAT can work with Silage now..

Engine V16
Capacity - 52000 Liters.


  • Maiklfox
    2015-05-09 11:46
  • Poldy66
    2015-05-09 14:56
    hi, pls make sure that hes able for multifruit.and do the load up. With that changes it is an perfect mod. I like it, its a monster.
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-05-09 15:01
    is not 100% .... In the future i will increase
  • Will
    2015-05-09 16:47
    absolute monster great mod perfect for the boring job of emptying the BGA keep up the good work :)) thumbs up from me ....
  • Gamer
    2015-05-10 06:22
    i was looking through the XML documents and i found this but i didn't find any fill plane for the silage
  • Gamer
    2015-05-10 06:28
    ahhhh thats lame it doesn't show up
  • Gamer
    2015-05-10 06:33
    i found this emptyParticleSystem type="silage"but i didn't find any fillPlanes for the silage
  • Stefan
    2015-05-10 07:01
    Hey,Thanks for taking this mod and the Cat 773E and claiming them as your own. Next time at least give proper credit, if you are unsure how to spell my name it is in the moddesc.xml as the author. Hey since you are so good at it, how about you add in the dynamic fill planes? Oh wait nevermind you would not know how to do that. Tell you what I will add them myself and upload.Thanks,Stefan (author as noted in the moddesc.xml)
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-05-10 18:47
    Stop to cry.... look the new Fhoto :Dbye
  • Jhome
    2015-05-11 04:04
    I mostly write this because I had a couple cocktails and do not care what I say but not sure why others insist on stealing others mods as their own. I'm glad to see that the up-loader here ended up giving the proper credits after some time. This theft issue is what is going to kill this community! Be grateful for what is up-loaded to share and don't ask for more! Help to make what is up-loaded better by offering problems and ways to make it better to the original author, don't steal others work!
  • Jhome
    2015-05-11 04:05
    I, myself, liked to up-load mods that I made to share until a certain FS-UK completely took the wind out of my sails by denying a mod that had zero problems and the tester did not know what they where doing when testing. I tried to help with testing but with no avail.
  • Jhome
    2015-05-11 04:08
    I have respect for sites and the people involved that test their mods before they are allowed to be up-loaded but after this instance it kind of did it for me. Hours and hours of hard work perfecting to end up with a slap in the face. Sorry for my rant but don't steal others work please! If you enjoy this community, some day you will regret stealing when there is NOTHING anymore!!!
  • Jason
    2015-05-12 02:44
    could you increase bucket capacity match size of loader. smaller cat bucket capacity is 12000 liters. thank you i so look foward to using this mod every were
  • Wow


    2015-09-18 09:28
    Heitorfs15 you are the reason there is a petition to shut down modhub. Stop changing other peoples perfectly good mods and making them worse!!!!
  • Tenko
    2016-02-22 07:35
    Great mod! I even tinkered with it so I could do even more and messed with the sounds. To all you crybabies, 99% of you wouldnt even know this exists if it wasnt for this guy making it work! You want respect for modders? Respect him, Because the original group that made this mod back in '13 didnt convert it because they dont want to. Respect the modders? Then respect this guy too, otherwise you are a counteracting waste of silage. :)
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