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Caterpillar Truck v1.0
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Caterpillar Truck v1.0

Hello, here is a version of cat with multiple color, as you will see is skin based on orine truck.

Привет, Здравейте, тук е версия на cat с множествена цвят, както ще видите е на кожата на базата на orine на камион.


  • Eng51ine
    2016-04-19 03:43
    Dude... WTF is that???
  • Pos


    2016-04-19 05:52
    its a piece of shit is what it is
  • Dith
    2016-04-19 08:18
    whiners are not paying!ls 15 community mainly account 95% bugger who know nothing to set apart the fact of criticizing the work of others.I found this version very successful truck congratulations to its author.
  • Jhon
    2016-04-19 08:34
    Bonjour,merci beaucoup pour le partage de cette superbe version.
  • Guest
    2016-04-19 17:17
    beautiful version but a little heavy
  • @dith
    2016-04-20 21:33
    @ dith.......can you speak english dude. your words are as bad as this mod is......
  • Hi


    2016-04-27 19:57
    looks like ass
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