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Central Russia Map v2.0
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Central Russia Map v2.0

Map tested for the game Farming Simulator 15.
By terrain maps scattered bought 14 fields of various sizes. In most of these fields, grow crops: potatoes, beets, canola, corn, barley, wheat. On the territory of cards engaged in animal husbandry chickens, sheep and cows. The purchase of fertilizers and seeds.

Additionally, he added fashion: swine, calves, sawmill, sales of silage Pickup milk, livestock market, ChoppedStraw, GuelleMistMod.

In this version 2 Final, performed the change:
- Replaced the texture of the earth;
- On the map Add lime / kalk;
- On the map Add GuelleMistMod;
- On the map Add Chopped Straw;
- Removed collisions from some bushes and trees;
- Changed the name of the card in a foreign language;
- Added labels modes "Grain Elevator", "Transport company";
- Updated the calf shed and a pigsty (SchweineMast v5.0.0 -Marhu) to version 5.0.0;
- To increase the size of triggers unloading at the storage of cereals and root crops, seed and fertilizer unloading, feeding the cows and sheep milk loading, storage /
sale of wood chips;
- Add a point "Cattle market" (ViehMarkt v2.0.0 - Marhu) for the purchase of a subsequent transportation to his farm for fattening piglets and calves;
- Fixed little things ... that many people do not notice;
- Improved instruction.

Additional modes included with the card:
AnimationMapTrigger - author Xentro - vertexDezign.
ZZZ_multiFruit_Standart - author upsideDown.
ZZZ_multiFruit - author upsideDown.
GuelleMistMod - author of TMT.
KroegerOverload - author Mario.
ShoppedStraw - by Webalizer.
StopMilkSale - author Marhu, Outbase52, REL1981.
Fliegl_Animal_Transport_Pack - author Marhu, Farmer_Andy.

Игорь Емельянов

  • Just me
    2015-11-12 04:20
    english language would be nice...
  • Faelandaea
    2015-11-13 05:48
    @Just Me ... It is a Russian map. There is no need for English on a Russian [email protected] - Many thanks for the wonderful map. Beautiful work. Thank you so much.
  • Blacky
    2016-02-09 17:24
    kool map
  • Blacky
    2016-02-13 09:21
    it lags a little bit and it glitches to a little
  • Blacky
    2016-03-03 04:17
    and it freezes up to
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