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Cereals GmbH v1.1
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Cereals GmbH v1.1

Changes in version 1.2:
Adapted roadside textures
Fixed a bug in the drinking water of the Mods
Down box set purchase Symbols
Resetting of vehicles now works.

The map to our Games Community cereals GmbH.
The map is a new development and was created from scratch.
There are numerous shelters for extensive multiplayer games with lots of equipment.
In single player can play the card quite well since the size is manageable.
You take the grain depot GmbH is generous.

Compost and manure mod 4 RC Devil in version 1.2 Include Dügersorten: Compost, nitrogen fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, potash fertilizer.
Compost can be produced on Compostmaster and stored in the yard Compost can also sell or use in the fields as fertilizer!
The other types of fertilizer can be purchased and stored by the Röchling fertilizer trade.
Man can handle the kinds of fertilizer with the standard vehicles.
Mod of water Marhu included. Water can be brought by the lake or in the village 2 by the fountain and large main lake in the village 1.
The factory of diesel, food, etc. Satgut is permanently installed on the card.
Silage silos have been installed on the card at the BGA on the farm there are two of them again if you do not want to drive or for single-player games.
Some of the dirt roads could knock you out of the tractor :) when rapidly driving, they were quite demanding applied to einzubremsen speeders.
The curves on the streets were also very closely applied to prevent excessive speed, continue to keep the streets one way or another surprise in store.
At the depot there is of course a slurry storage and cows with this you can turnip cutters, feed it, however, other troughs available at pasture and in the barn.
The first field can purchase your Free! Two more are ready for processing after purchase.
The other fields need to be created or gepfügt!
Before the depot there is a lawn mowing with outdoor space for each machine on the front page, this is also in the 3 applied fields like that.
All lawns are mähbar there is no decorative grass was used.
You can also sell compound feed and seed from the factory.

Very Important!
The universal process of Mor2000 kit is required!
Otherwise, you are missing buildings in the map!
Only the Blank Beige Mod GülleMistKalk use otherwise the card will not run!
The download should be unpacked, there you will find two archives once the modpack and once the map.
We still looking for players age 20 years :) :) if interested just write in this way even the hint a message to me.
We are glad to invite you on our Facebook page a https://www.facebook.com/pages/LS-15-LU-Getreide-GmbH/437862093028120?fref=nf
For comments and error reports simply a PM to me.
A big thank you goes out to RC Devil and Funky by Marhu.net

Grain silos, Düngersilo, Röchling Fertilizer: RC-Devil on Marhu.net
Compost fertilizer + 4 Mod incl Trade & Silo V 1.2. RC-Devil on Marhu.net
GülleMiskKalk Mod: Marhu on Marhu.net
Shelters and halls: Technology and boertje96
Food storage: 1984Fendt936
BGA: Steinklopfer on Marhu.net
Silos bunkers: vertigo14
Beet cutter: Funky on Marhu.net
Church in village 1 and 2:'d like bauer
Village village buildings 1 and 2: luculus
Slurry manure Purchase: zatoxx
Manure storage: Andy1978
Garden centers: Rene248
Compost Master: Farmer_Andy on Marhu.net
Well: Hardstyler on Marhu.net
Factory: t0xic0m
Silage silos: t0xic0m
Dekalb SeedCompany: Jerrico

Getreidesilos, Düngersilo, Röchling Dünger:RC-Devil auf Marhu.net
Kompost + 4 Dünger Mod inkl. Handel & Silo V 1.2: RC-Devil auf Marhu.net
GülleMiskKalk Mod:Marhu auf Marhu.net
Unterstände und Hallen:Technik und boertje96
BGA:Steinklopfer auf Marhu.net
Rübenschneider:Funky auf Marhu.net
Kirche in Dorf 1 und 2: möchtegernbauer
Dorfgebäude Dorf 1 und 2: Luculus
Gülle Mist Ankauf: zatoxx
Güllelager: Andy1978
Gartencenter: Rene248
Compost Master: Farmer_Andy auf Marhu.net
Brunnen: Hardstyler auf Marhu.net
Fabrik: t0xic0m
Silage Silos: t0xic0m
Dekalb SeedCompany: jerrico

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