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Chain Link Fence Set v1.0
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Chain Link Fence Set v1.0

Hi LS community,
Here I have for you a chain link fence set.
NOTE: To install the GE!
I for my new project (see WIP) needed a fence, but no one particularly liked, I have created this set.

It consists of:
Fence 1m
Fence 2m
Fence 4m
4m fence with hole 1
4m fence with hole 2
Fence outside corner 90 degrees
Fence corner 90 degrees inside
Role mooring wire (as decoration)
Trespassing sign
Tor left 3m
Tor right 3m

All parts have a Clip Distance of 500 mtr and collisions. The components are aligned such that major input integer Translation values ??can be pretty easy to put together a fence. The textures are then seamlessly (99.9%). The gates are prepared for animation with kinematic collision and matching Pivot.
Unfortunately, I can make no picture of the entire set in a quality that you can tell everything. But the wire is easy to fine.

Modname: chain link fence
Authors: 112TEC
Date: 07/2015

Wire Mesh: basic model with Turbosquid own changes
Rest: Eigenbau 112TEC resemblance to "premises fence Set" LS13 of martinbigM500 is intended.

Ingaming: 112TEC
No new publication without the consent of 112TEC.

Mod Name: wire_mesh_fence
Author: 112TEC
Date: 07/2015

wire_mesh: Basic model Turbosquid with own changes
Others: own construction 112TEC Resemblance to "working area fence set" LS13 from martinbigM500 is Intended.

Ingaming: 112TEC

No new publication without permission of 112TEC.

Have fun with it!
1. Publication only with original download link. NOT a substitute link
2. No publication Neutexturierung, model change or part of the Mods.

Releases I reserve on request.


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