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Challenger MT 685D v1.0
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Challenger MT 685D v1.0

– Washable
– Indoor sound
– Ploughing Spec
– Gloss texture
– New skin windows + reflective
– Real sounds
– Mirrors

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  • Guest
    2015-03-21 17:46
    Thank you for row crop duals!!!
  • Guest
    2015-03-21 17:57
    Why list the HP as 370 but the xml puts it in the 600+hp range? Really?
  • Kj


    2015-03-21 18:21
    waouu magnifique concept, bravo pour ses créations qui sortent de ce que l'on connait déjà sur farming simulator! on ne peut que vous encourager et vous dire de continuer dans cette vois la ;)
  • Kj


    2015-03-21 18:44
    Re! j'ai tester "in game" mais il ny a rien de fonctionnel dessus... quel dommage
  • Ceedee
    2015-03-21 19:51
    Model looks great but as soon as I enter cab there is some sound effect confliction going on. Ran it on its own in Mods folder and still got the same problem. Also no IC working. Will have a look at later to see if can figure out sound and IC issue.
  • Me


    2015-03-21 20:16
    great tractors, but the IC is messed up as i have no controls in the HUD for attachents and trailers
  • Rafii1973pl
    2015-03-21 22:41
    Great job. Everything works fine
  • Guest
    2015-03-22 01:50
    Can you fix the tire rotation. They spin at different speeds , other than that it's good
  • Guest
    2015-03-22 06:00
    Issues here.. when entering the tractors.. I lose my huds.. sounds messed up.. steering is horrible.. IC does not work.. tire rotation messed up.. just an unfinished waste of time.. and to anyone who said everything works fine.. you really need glasses or something.
  • Bt


    2015-03-22 21:52
    Great mod still needs work though. :)
  • Fs


    2015-03-22 22:23
    old unless you need glasses IC is working properly. You're a bad bumpkin
  • Rafii1973pl
    2015-03-22 22:26
    IC - Right Ctrl - working properly
  • Name
    2015-03-26 17:29
    love it nice mod!!!!!
  • Wayne
    2015-03-27 20:50
    I like it nice mod u did a good job on it
  • Not so fast
    2015-04-02 16:36
    I do not know why others like these pos units. The IC is messed up.. the sounds are horrible.. entering the units cause huds to vanish.. the twin tires rotate at different speeds.. complete trash.
  • Country
    2015-04-08 01:31
    best damn tractor on here everything works great ic is the best thing and the tires turn right as a good mod should i give the mod maker a 5 star make more stuff like this please
  • Awesome
    2015-05-12 03:56
    this mod is excellent as very few mods are these days. clean error free log for me and everything functions as it should. i wish more mod makers would make quality mods AND release them.
  • Wowliersabove
    2015-05-23 07:14
    These idiots above who are saying this is a quality mod.. must be the uploader trying to fill everyone with total bullsh(t Total retarded idiots. This mod is far from done.. half azzd half done crap
  • Guest
    2016-06-04 00:03
    runs good but if you use manual attaching it will crash
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