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Challenger MT875E
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Challenger MT875E

I offer the version 1 of tractor CAT Challenger MT 875E with 1000 hp engine and reaches a speed of 86 km / hr loaded with all the light running and all the trailer is connected well.

Lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

  • Sweet250
    2015-11-30 18:10
    the steering of this item only works when there isn't hauling a load, making it USELESS
  • Jim


    2015-11-30 23:20
    SWEET..Love this tractor. Thanks for the upload man
  • Brock lesnar
    2015-12-01 01:20
    are you 7 years old "jim"? read previous comments....this mod is junk!!!!!
  • Deerepower
    2015-12-01 20:13
    This is my mod!!! You can find the original on modhoster!!!
  • Eu


    2015-12-02 04:07
    It is the worst!!! Not have 1000 hp, not have Speed 86 km/h. It was not made by Lindbejb.DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!!!
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