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Challenger MT875E 2016 v1.0
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Challenger MT875E 2016 v1.0

Model: scs-software, SiiD, Esit, Marlin, vnsfdg2, KMN Modding
Programming: and visual details: SiiD
And assistance: Liqwidator, Ziuta, Mlody98, Bartulo, User B4D

- Dirty
- Washable
- Widen the tracks
- Passenger script
- Animated Joystick
- Internal Sound
- Cab suspension
- Wiper (only work in the rain)
- IC Control (Door, hood, ladder, headrest)
prohibition of editing and changes download link

Model: scs-software, SiiD, Esit, Marlin, vnsfdg2, KMN Modding
Texture: scs-software, SiiD, Esit, Marlin, KMN Modding
Script: SiiD
Idea / Concept: SiiD

  • Bjergsted gods map
    2016-07-17 21:28
    Some guy is sayi' on modhoster that this mod got virus, but I checked it with Avast, Malwarebytes & Malware fighter, and guess what, NO VIRUS, MALWARE... It's 100% clean ... Happy gaming folks
  • Rafii1973pl
    2016-07-17 21:43
    Super :) Świetny mod. Gratulacje dla całej ekipy :)
  • Guest
    2016-07-18 12:18
    Downloaded, scanned with Kaspersky... Its clean. It is a well designed, and great working mod.
  • Name
    2016-07-21 01:28
    need to make the 775e version
  • Aaron
    2016-08-24 14:46
    Useless Europeans shit mod use a JD far better
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