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Changeable Cutter Particle Animations v1.1
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Changeable Cutter Particle Animations v1.1

The idea for thismod is created when we played on the Holzhausen Map multiplayer. Nico to me: "Here's what's wrong!" I said: "particle collection system?" He said: "Jo ..." Yes, so run with us the multiplayer sessions, dry, clear statements and lots of puns. But anyway, back to the topic. After we had gambled last Friday (week 2/2015) by 21 clock to an end, I went to the topic. Some entries were Moddesc hard work. But we have made ??progress and mods modified by us reapers under the category reapers or the respective brand are available. I have specially made ??it so that they are listed in the Store Modschneidwerke right at the beginning. I also have the reapers as effectively sorted by price and performance. This mod is error-free, we have tested everything and found no errors.

Changelog V 1.1
Adaptation of the particle animations (collection of plants) the original reapers to individual fruit textures of Wunschma
FillType Store Description updated when Poettinger Mex 5 of Chaff on Maize, is crucial in the device not know what it ejects them back, but what can harvest it.
Poettinger Mex 5 was not categorized under Harvester with us in the shop, but as cuttin
Adjstment of maintenance costs
Sampo-Rosenlew C6 14FT
Capello quasar HS 16R
Krone Easy Collect 1053
New Holland 980 CF12R

Ich möchte mich bei Eribus für die Freigabe der Texturen bedanken. Zudem gehört sich ein Verweis zu Giants Software.

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