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Check Rates v1.0
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Check Rates v1.0

The script is very similar to the MinMax-Script by IManAsap indicating the respective best selling price for each product.
Here, the sale price is also compared to the base price and the result is given in percent, so you can see if the price is good or bad. 100% are what you get at the best outlet for the product as basic price.
High demands and the "Station Bonus" are taken into account.
Values below 95% are shown in red,
95% to 105% are yellow,
105% is green and
130% dark green.

On Bjornholm wheat has the basic price 290 € per 1000l.
The train station pays 76% of it and then an additional bonus of 66%.
So you get at the station 290 * 0.76 * 1.66 = 366 € for 1000l.
Since all other outlets pay less, the best base price for wheat on Bjorn Holm 366 €.
The current retail price of wheat is therefore always compared with 366 €

Gooru / Olaf72

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