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Chevrolet C 10 Trailers v1.0
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Chevrolet C 10 Trailers v1.0

1966 Chevrolet C-10 Wrecker

This is the 1966 Chevrolet C-10 Wrecker.
General Motors built these famous 1/2 ton trucks over decades.
It can tow any Trailer, Implenment and... vehicles!

9 different, ingame choosable designs!

Version 1.0
Author 3d model:
Turn10 (DriverSF), modall
Conversion and Ingame FS2015:
Sven777b, Geri-G, PeterJ, Stefan Geiger

Animated Farmer
Animated parts
Lights function
Wheel tracks
No log errors


This model altered by me is free for everyone, and may be altered and re-released
without any further permission. Upload on any site permitted and wanted.
For release please name all mentioned authors.
Commercial use strictly prohibited.


  • Guest
    2015-09-14 22:12
    0 0
    dose not work
  • Kingjawz
    2015-09-14 22:57
    0 0
    I neither can get it to work. Someone fix please
  • Mr.know it all
    2015-09-16 00:04
    0 0
    It does work your have to go to another cars hitch and push q then press left control and B
  • Name
    2015-09-16 09:02
    0 0
    its looks good
  • Make
    2015-09-17 21:44
    0 0
    did not work , when I jumped into the car so it was not that you could click q
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