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Chevy 2002 v2
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Chevy 2002 v2

This chevy 2002 was pink when i found it i made it red and changed some things
im the guy that did the camo f250 v2.

me modding,iFUCT’Dagoatmodding ,and garbagemod

  • Bowtie_boyy
    2016-01-10 17:09
    Should be taken down..
  • Bowtie_boyy
    2016-01-10 17:19
    Im in the group that made this mod and it was not to be released anywhere
  • Jo farmer
    2016-01-10 19:03
    it was released look at this linkhttp://farmingsimulator2015.net/2002-chevy-durmax-v2/
  • Treecuttindan
    2016-01-10 19:27
    grow up you pussies. it is a goddamn mod.
  • Jim


    2016-01-10 20:35
    I have just one Question in these mods here lately? Why on earth you wanna be modders build stuff and think its the best thing ever? This thing looks nice but its a piece of shit. Don't you guys ever look in your log file? There full of errors and warnings. Im tired of downloading these mods and having to spend hours of making them error free. Its really not that hard guys.
  • Jim


    2016-01-10 22:38
    Then some of the community wouldn't have any good mods that are error free. My friends are quite pleased with my edited error & warning free mods. So I will keep downloading I guess.
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