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Chevy 2500HD v3
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Chevy 2500HD v3

i finally finished it right this time

King Farms

  • Bobcatt650 eats weenies
    2016-10-15 16:28
    Wow, you managed to take this from just a shitty mod to a SUPER shitty mod. Congrats.
  • Bobcatt650 eats big cock
    2016-10-15 17:07
    Lord this thing is ass wipe!
  • Bobcatt650 nibbles pubes
    2016-10-15 19:23
    Bobcatt650 is the LORD OF SHITTY MODDING!!! Please Bobcatt650, give us MORE of your UBER CRAPPY and SUPER SHITTY mods!
  • Shit
    2016-10-16 08:20
    no manual uv map, no baked textures, shit model and interior... What is right about this? zero stars
  • Chevy4life
    2016-10-17 15:47
    can you add an internal download file? cas i cant get it on the original link
  • Lordjesusmaryjoseph
    2016-12-04 02:36
    Exhaust is too big lol
  • Logan
    2017-01-29 15:05
    what did he do I think the mod is nice
  • Kadenm
    2017-04-02 01:22
    you guys are idiots who think this guy cant mod
  • Mr. farmer
    2018-04-14 20:38
    PLEASE MAKE THIS MOD FOR XBOX ONE!!! i love chevys!!
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